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Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card
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Apr 12, 2012

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At least 10 years had passed since I read Ender's Game. I never intended to read Enter's Shadow because, I reasoned that Card was a one trick pony. Once the gig was up (the massive plot twist at the end of Enders Game) what was the point in reading the story from Bean's perspective? You already knew the ending. I picked this up at the library to listen to on my commute (Love Scott Brick btw - I could listen to him read the dictionary) and I was surprised at Card's storytelling ability and the high level of interest that I kept throughout the entire story. So much so that I am now on to Ender's Exile just to see what else Card has to say about the story.

Was it perfect? No, far from it IMO. Bean, while a interesting and fascinating character and grew more complex as the story developed, at times seemed forced and some of the dialog was really quite bad. Much of the children's interactions with each other was downright brutal and an unnecessary attempt to empathize with the protagonist (Bean). My Son read this book a year or so ago (while he was 12 or 13) and I wonder if the book was not too mature for him. Too many swear words as well that were just not necessary and felt like a forces way for Card to bring drama to the story. Characters were often caricatures specially antagonists: Achilles and Madrid. (more so Madrid) Card is unable to create any true humanity in his antagonists and the strength of them (while still not glorifying their evil) may just be too strong for most pre-adolescent children.

Is it a classic? Difficult to Judge. Ender's Game probably is (I am planning on re-reading that to compare the two better) Enter's Shadow Leave a lot of room for discussion of ethics and religion (religion much more so than Ender's Game) There is also quite a lot there to inspire thought on the human condition and possible genetic altering of that condition (what makes us human?) It is certainly worth your time if you read Enter's Game and Enjoyed the book

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message 1: by Kristi (new)

Kristi Thanks for your reviews, Frank. I use them to help guide what my boys will read too. Ben just finished The Count of Monte Cristo. I'm sure he'd love to discuss it with someone who's read it. You did right?

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