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WWW by Robert J. Sawyer
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Apr 12, 2012

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For me personally a three star book but I could see another reader giving it a four. It's very intriguing with some really interesting ideas. Maybe too many. I understand this is the first of a trilogy but even so the plot seemed to be all over.

In book "A", we have a young teenage girl in Canada who has been blind from birth who is contacted by a mysterious doctor who informs her she's the perfect candidate for a radical surgery that might restore sight.

In book "B", we travel to China where we witness an outbreak of the bird flu and the government's steps to halt it.

Book "C" introduces us to Hobo the chimp who has learned to communicate through sign language.

And lastly "D" is the awakening of a digital life form within the world wide web itself.

Actually the entire underlined theme throughout is communication.

It's not a bad book. A little more young adult in feel than I was looking for. But with some really cool random facts to think, and freak, about. I liked reading all the comparisons to the fascinating Helen Keller. I learned about a theory that purposes there was a state of man where both halves of our brain was disconnected, and that this might explain some disorders today. Yesterday while reading on my lunch break I came to the question of, how do we know "human sight" is "true sight"? I've never thought of this before. Simple really. But I found myself looking around. Is my lunch bag really bright orange? Or do I only see it this way?

Oh, and I want a cat named Schrödinger, although if you don't already know why that's cute you'll have to look it up, the book never explains this.

I'm fascinated by blindness and fear it. Like many. However when I was still in grade school I was given an eye test. If you can consider it as a "test", I really "failed". In one eye the sight was so bad I couldn't see the biggest E. I mean I know it was there but I couldn't "see" it. When I put on my first pair of glasses it was like a sighted person trying to walk blind. Much like Caitlin I couldn't believe color. Color and shape. Edges and corners. But before I got by. I didn't even realize I couldn't see. Not like everyone else anyway. For the most part I felt this was well done by this author.

I might have enjoyed this more if I liked science fiction to be more on the math/techno punk/digital side but I don't. I'm more of a space opera, hard science fiction reader. To quote Barbie, "Math is hard".... I'm kidding of course but yeah to me math is hard and my laptop is more of a foreign world than Mars or even Arrakis. But if you like this sort of science fiction I think you might like this one.

"A small and fragile world, floating against the vast empty darkness...." This is one of the best quotes about the Earth and it's place in the cosmos I've seen. Short. Simple. Truthful. And more than a little unnerving.
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