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Fury by Elizabeth  Miles
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: romance, nightmarish, scary, haunting, omg-what-a-gorgeous-cover, not-that-memorable
Read in April, 2012

Originally published at The Teen Book Guru

Fury wasn't one of my favorite reads, and I don't think it was that memorable, but it definitely was un-put-downable... (at least for me). I had to find out what was going to happen, and thus finished it in one sitting. Miles did a great job of putting in twists and surprises... just when I thought I was going to put in my bookmark and go to bed, there was a sudden unexpected change or something dramatic would happen. It kept me up waaay past my bed time... something which annoyed my dear mother to no end, but hey, who am I to complain?

*SPOILER ALERTS* I didn't really like the characters overall, but Em was nice, and she was the only character who I found to be relatable and likable. All the others.... meh. I mean, they were neither here nor there, if you know what I mean. Call me naive, but I like to have at least one character who I absolutely adore and love, and root for throughout the whole novel. Because that's how a reader becomes emotionally attached to the novel, and has that special connection. Fury just didn't have that. Whenever I started liking someone in the book, Miles would put in a twist or a sudden change of events and BAM. They were deemed stupid, or uncaring, or mean, or what-not. I'm just saying.

For me, (and don't take this in the wrong way!), it was kind of like a... nightmare. Like a 'OMG is this really happening?!!! *PINCH* *PINCH* Am I awake?!' kinda thing. Probably because the setting was so normal and familiar, and then all of a sudden there's this supernatural, creepy element that's just so ...freaky... but in a good way. Miles incorporated it into the novel so well that I started to get creeped out myself. The whole scene was just so familiar that I could imagine myself in Em's shoes, or Gaby's, but then the Furies appear, and all of a sudden it's really scary and nightmarish. *SPOILERS OVER*

I really liked the whole idea of what goes around comes back around, which was what the whole book was based upon. That made it even scarier, I think, because everyone (even me... I know it's hard to believe!) has done something that they regret and wish they could take back... and then here comes the touchy and haunting idea that... what if everyone has to pay for what they've done? What if you think you've gotten away with something, but the Furies, or some sort of karma is right around the corner... waiting for you...lurking in the shadows? *shudder* Ok, I might be getting a little carried away, but you've gotta admit... it's creepy.

The whole basis of the book made up for the weak characters and some other not-so-good parts, and I would recommend it to the avid YA Paranormal reader who DOES NOT get freaked out easily (unlike me).

4 Muffins - Simply Delectable!

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