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Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it
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Read from April 11 to 12, 2012

I don't know If I'm the only one here. But I love Phoenix- I have since book 1 and I will until the last one.
How anyone can blame him for how he is is beyond me. He was judged and cast out before he said a word.
He's finally experienced love- a completely new, unknown and very scary feeling and he has no clue what to do or how to act. He's fighting the darkness inside that he never asked for and struggles for control every single day, he only wanted her to live him and he may have gone about that wrongly, but how can he know this when no-one has taught him right from wrong. He had no role models, no life education to tell him how to cope with these feelings he's experiencing. Instead he has to helplessly exist and stand there seeing the person he loves love another.
Yeah I hate Licoln.
He's done nothing wrong but because of him Phoenix is miserable and will never be with the person he loves. This love triangles getting boring.
Anyway the bombshell at the end of this book. Was well.. Wow.
I hope book 4 is out soon thats all I have to say!
Poor James! Blaming himself for being a bad dad, thinking it was all his fault. He's finally starting to get his life back on track and he comes home to find his daughter back from frickin Greece and his 'dead' wife standing in the kitchen.
Yeah that's normal.
Can't wait to see how that turns out!;D.
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Maria Oh dont worry everyone loves Phoenix at least the 99% i know beside me ofcource =)

Marie Really I thought everyone would be more inclined toward Licoln! Haha poor you! atleast that way you dont have to share him as much;).

Maria I dont have any problem I like Lin like alot and i believe he is such an adorable character and not like the stereotypes of male characters we have met in several books! All i want is Phoenix to have a nice girl and thats it =)

Marie I want them both to have their perfect matches. And whether Violet ends up with Linc or Phoenix I dont mind. I would prefer her to end up with Phoenix, but if she does end up with Linc- which she probably will- alsong as Phoenix finds happiness I will be fine with it.

message 13: by Kimberly (new)

Kimberly Martin Lincoln and Violet?! Really are you kidding me? What is this craziness! Personally, I'm on team Phoenix. Bad boy+fallen angel+ absolutely hilarious= Who is that Lincoln guy again? Anyway, I can't wait for book 5!!!!!

Maria After finishing all books so far i would say who is that Phoenix guy anyway? No thank you! :-P Cant wait for the next book!

Vigdis I know how you feel i some how hate Lincoln reading endless right now hope there be a lot of Phoenix scene

Emma Don't worry even if no one else does, I love Pheonix too.

Hexa Deville YES!!! So good to know that there are other Phoenix fans out there! Lincoln and Violet do NOT deserve each other considering the way they behave towards each other. Phoenix was so nice and concerned about Violet. It's hard breaking :'(

Maria You are kidding me right? Its like you are saying that Phoenix was so nice?And so sincere about most things? Yeah yeah *rolls eyes*

Bridget Not a big fan of Phoenix, I like Lincoln but I just don't like how stand-offish he is..I guess he has his reasons but he just seems a bit too arrogant for his own good. Some of his reactions towards Violet & Phoenix's former relationship irked me...So, I do like Lincoln a little more than Phoenix but not really by much. I think many of them kind of started getting on my nerves as the book progresses..maybe thats why it was kind of hard for me to start Emblaze (still haven't finished it..but I will buy it and read it when I can...I guess because I have so many books I want to read and its hard for me to focus on one like I used to)..(These are all my personal opinion of course)

@Maria..And I am with you on the "You are kidding me right?" towards the other comment

Jojo OMG YESSSS! Thank GOD I'm not the only one!!!!! I freakin LOVE Phoenix!!!

Jojo OMG YESSSS! Thank GOD I'm not the only one!!!!! I freakin LOVE Phoenix!!!

Charley I feel the same! I love Phoenix and will to the end.

Marie Yay, more Phoenix fans. :-)

Charley He's just.... So perfect and Lincoln is only breaking her heart and doing nothing more than irritate everyone. Phoenix may be bad but he does it for her and is just so sweet if you know him and hot of course

_Blues_ Seriously. I'm not calling Phoenix a Saint but is what he did (in the beginning ) in different than what Vi and Linc continues to do to one another throughout the series. They are constantly tempting one another because they can't control their feelings for one another. And what about Violet? She's the real vilian here she begged Phoenix to have sex with her even knowing that he could tell she was thinking about Lincoln, she didn't care about his feelings it was all about her. Yeah I get she regretted it but the damage was already done. He didn't want to lose her after that but he already knew he never really had her to begin with so he went to extremes to hang on to her. It really kills me that she so easily welcomed Onxy into the fold knowing who and what he was not to mention he's the soul reason Phoenix has her life in his hands, but she couldn't even allow Phoenix to explain or anything, she just shuts him out completely. That's nothing but her own cowardice. Ugh end rant.

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