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Wings of Desire by Arianna Skye
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Apr 11, 2012

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Read on April 11, 2012

Rhiannon Kinsley has always felt like an outsider. Whether is was because she was an army brat who was always changing schools or while living in Phoenix as an adult with only one true friend and no relationship prospects. She spends a lot of working or chatting in an online chat room. When a she suddenly starts hearing a dark, sensual voice and seeing words in a weird language appear on her laptop screen, she thinks she's going crazy. When that dark, sensual voice appears attached to a man who looks like a God, Rhiannon knows she's ready for a padded room.

Soon Rhiannon finds herself in a world she thought was make believe and being told she's the princess that will save their world. And that God with that voice, she learns that he is her consort-to-be, Cerne Silverwing. While she's wildly attracted to him, she's not sure she can let go of everything she's learned from human men and open up to him.

As I write this review, I have to break it up into two part. The Fae war between the dark and white fae and the erotic journey between Rhiannon and Cerne. One part I loved and wished we had a little bit more, the other I just couldn't get into.

I loved the Fae War. I loved the twist that the White Fae Queen Tatiana was dying as Dark Queen Korrigan gained power. I loved that Rhiannon, who hadn't know any of these White Fae for more than a few days, was willing to take up the fight and lead her people. It showed how strong and loyal she was and set her up perfectly to be a great leader. Korrigan was truly an evil, sadistic bitch and she came across beautifully (if evil could be characterized as beautiful). And I can't leave out Aine, Korrigan's sister, who plays such a large roll in tipping the scales in the Fae War. This part of the story...4 cocktails.

Rhiannon and Cerne, being "engaged" took this erotic journey to get the place in the story where they get their HEA. There was just something that seemed to be missing between the two of them each time they were together. Rhiannon was a virgin (as far as sex with a man) and had taken a vow not to have sex until she found the "right" man. So it was strange to me that she would start doing all sorts of things with Cerne when she wasn't sure if he was "right". I would have thought she would have held off just a little bit longer before jumping into all those other sexual activities with Cerne until she was certain.

Cerne for his part, didn't want to push Rhiannon to have sex, because he knew she was saving herself, but he did seem to use each "lesson" Rhiannon needed before their mating to push her towards it. Maybe he didn't do is subconsciously, but it just felt as if he should have done more to hold back if he truly felt Rhiannon wanted to wait. Erotic part of the story...2 cocktails.

When you put the whole story together, it was still a solid read with an interesting take on the Fae story. Any reader who like anything with the Fae in it will most likely find this entertaining and a worthwhile read.

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