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Going Bovine by Libba Bray
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it

Overall, this book is difficult to explain. The synopsis here (above) doesn't do it justice. So I'll steal a better one: "The heart of the story is a hallucinatory (or is it?) quest with many parallels to the hopeless but inspirational efforts of Don Quixote, about whom Cameron had been reading before his illness. Just like the crazy (or was he?) Spaniard, Cam is motivated to go on a journey by a sort of Dulcinea." Only his is a pink-haired angel...and his Sancho is a Mexican-American dwarf game-master hypochondriac. Also there's a Norse god disguised as a garden gnome. See? Kind of hard to describe, because this is just the tip of the windmill. Just read it -- I think even if you don't love it, you'll get something out of it. Certainly (like a lot of YA fiction) parts were a little predictable (like the ending), but there’s also plenty of weirdness, snarky dialogue, funny characters (including aforementioned a yard gnome) and fun randomness, which I always enjoy. The main character doesn’t start off as terribly likeable, but he grows on you. Some readers have complained about missing details (like how he caught mad cow disease), but I’m not sure that’s really the point. Overall, it seems the message is that you should live life to the fullest and embrace adventure now and then. Even if you're not sure what your purpose is, don't be a slacker, and don't think that you'll be doing anyone any favors if you just coast through life. Not to state the obvious, but I don’t think all the circumstances are meant to be taken literally.

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