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The Werewolf's Wife by Michele Hauf
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Apr 11, 2012

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Thirteen years ago in Las Vegas Ridge Addison saved a witch from burning at the stake. That sounds like it means this book is a historical but it’s a contemporary paranormal. The witch is being burned by her lover – for reasons unknown at the time – and Ridge drives in and kicks some butt. Ridge and the saved witch, Abigail, then proceed to get rip roaring drunk, laugh their asses off and in a majorly stupid drunken move decide to get married…by Elvis. The couple consummate the marriage but things go a bit haywire and the two end up parting ways.

Now Ridge is the Principle (or Alpha) of his pack and family is a major issue. Ridge doesn’t have one and he needs one so he needs to find Abigail to get a divorce. When he finds her with divorce papers in hand he is met by a woman in a panic who wants nothing to do with him. He manages to talk his way into the house but finds that Abigail is beside herself because she just found out that her son has been kidnapped. She has 48 hours to find a specific vampire and bring him to the meeting place in order to get her son back.

Ridge is an honorable man and decides to help Abigail find the vamp to get her son back. While the couple is on their trek they realize that they not only have a great attraction for each other but that they just might love each other.

The story, I felt, was more a suspense story than a romance although the romance did play heavily in it. The finding of the vampire and all that entailed, the meeting with the kidnappers and then more suspense after that, Ridge finding out that the child may be his – there was a lot going on.

I’m not quite sure how to explain how I felt about the romance. I think that the romance itself was ok so I think maybe it was the characters that I just didn’t particularly care for. Ridge was a great guy – strong, honorable – just wonderful…but I didn’t feel like he had any self confidence. He had been pushed around and abused in many different ways in his life and it obviously affected his adult self but for all his accomplishments of getting himself to the alpha position I felt that he still didn’t think very highly of himself.

Abigail was a very old witch. She’d lived about 400 years or more and had seen a lot of stuff. She had also been an extremely bad witch from what we’re told but had tried to be good since her son was born. She was trying to turn over a new leaf but it was hard for her. I truly never got a sense of who Abigail was except a loving mother – which was good, but just didn’t go far as far as the romance was concerned. She was very stubborn and argumentative but that worked for the story line.

I really liked the premise of the story but in the end the characters themselves really didn’t capture me. I figured out who had kidnapped the son almost immediately and was shocked that the h/h were in the dark – they seemed like much smarter people than that.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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