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Don't Breathe a Word by Holly Cupala
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Apr 11, 2012

really liked it
Read in January, 2011

Asthma first incapacitated Joy. Her near death experiences caused her to be coddled and protected by her family. This grew into a lack of self-confidence, life and worthiness deep within her. So when Asher comes along, she is the perfect victim. First can we agree, that anyone that drives a DeLorean is a douchebag. If it isn’t 1980 and you’re not traveling Back to the Future, you don’t drive one. So in this case Holly’s car choice tells us a lot about him as a person. Asher victimizes Joy. He uses his rewards and punishments to control her. Eventually his emotional abuse turns physical. This is when Joy has to figure out a way to escape this life.

It took one person reaching out to her in a moment to get Joy to think there was another way. She stages her own abduction in order to find that homeless boy who offered her a glimpse of hope. Over the course of two months on the streets, Joy finds a strength didn’t know she had and what real love should feel like.

I couldn’t put this book down. Holly did a great job unveiling pieces of Joy’s past as she spends time on the streets. Creed and his friends, May and Santos, help her discover that she doesn’t have to be a victim of her asthma or of Asher. These characters are rich and complicated. No easy fix will do. Family and love are more than money and blood.

I wanted more Crows. Asher studies crows. His relationship with Joy was much like that of the crows he studied. You give them rewards and then eventually they’ll continue to come back even when you punish them. Ya, Asher is sick sucker. As Joy breaks the control Asher had on her, I kept looking for the crows. They just disappeared. I understood why they did, but I kept looking.


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