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The Drop by Michael Connelly
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Apr 11, 2012

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A sobering story to be hearing as i drove up and down the 250 mile round trip to Plymouth in the run up to Easter. All blood, guts, suicide, embezzlement and dark conspiracies and police cover-ups not to mention serial rapists and child abusers. Not the most conducive of listens to get me into the mood for celebrations and resurrection but it was a story which kept the interest.

Harry Bosch is a detective in the Open-Unsolved Unit which searches out the open-ended murders and rapes and attempts to bring to justice the perpetrators who are, as of yet, thinking they are free as birds. A seemingly straightforward case where the DNA of a convicted rapist is found in the stored evidence of a 22 year old unsolved crime becomes bizarrely anything but when it is pointed out that the aforesaid rapist was only 8 at the time of the attack. Added to this complication a second case loaded on to Bosch of the seeming suicide of the son one of his greatest critics and the scene is set for twists, turns, revelations and horrendous discoveries which involve the detective in having to question a good deal of his comfortable preconceived ideas and opinions.

The story trundles along at a good enough pace although, as seems so often in this type of book, the rather hamfisted attempts at back stories of precocious teenage daughters or awkward new partnerships bedding in, just slow and weigh it all down and simply serves to muddy water gloomy enough as it is. Rather unconvincing nods in the direction of romance slows it all still further and the awkward dialogue smacks more of Connelly's inhibitions then his characters.

Having said all that it was an entertaining read for traffic jams and long journeys and was left open-ended enough to make me imagine that the characters had lives of their own which continuted on beyond the pages of the novel; always a good pointer. The main story-line was vile and shocking but then it was supposed to be. Its denoument was believable and managed to resolve itself whilst still managing to communicate the inevitability of the horrendous damage perpetrated on victims continuing on unhealed. The striking aspect though was the way in which the victims were identified; those with whom you would have instant sympathy and those from whom we might be first tempted to withhold sympathy but in this storyline the domino affect of cruel abuse is clearly painted.
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Sketchbook Marklet - what a traffic jam!

Mark you maybe don't get them in US cos obviously there aren't many cars around there cos I think most of you walk or jog everywhere don't you

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Sketchbook Well. I usually skate. On thin ice.

Mark now you do surprise me....not

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