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Delirium by Lauren Oliver
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Apr 10, 2012

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What in the world- what is this dark magic? For me this book started out quite tragically but during the last 20 pages I couldn't put it down- nor did I want to frankly, I wanted to get it over with. It was an absolutely action-packed edning! But that's just it- it was only the ending! Which only made me feel even more delirious- get it, see what I did there- because I ended up felling giddy about a book that I complained about more than half of the time. I need to sit with this before I have something more to say about it's themes. I must say, I really loved the last paragraph. Can a person honestly extrapolate the love for that one paragraph to the rest of the book, making it a good read? Oi- to be determined.

So now that I've had time for the book to settle a bit in my brain here are some main thoughts:

1. Through the first 75% of the book I did not connect with the characters (though I wanted to) because even though the descriptions were extensive they often focused on parts of the story that did not actually matter.

2. Because I had little connection to the characters due to the lack of development, relationships that are built throughout are difficult to believe and be invested in.

3. If the characters had been more developed this would have ended up with such a gripping ending that it probably would have caused somewhat of an emotional breakdown among some readers- alas, this was not the case.

4. Most of the book was predictable and thus made the obviously filler scenes irritating and boring.

5. Sometimes it felt as though Oliver did not have an editor until the very end when they suddenly stepped in and said- make the book actually interesting! This made the read feel as though the epic ending came first and the preceding portions served as a way to get to that ending. Alternatively it could be that the first portion was so average that it needed a saving grace at the end. I don't mean this in an insulting way whatsoever- I am obviously reading the sequel and happy about it- I'm just saying that this was my personal experience.

6. My disappointment was fueled by the extent to which this trilogy was hyped up for me. Additionally, it was fueled by the extent to which the plot ideas were so amazing but were never fully developed, making them even more disappointing than if they were uninteresting ideas to begin with.

7. The ending and the latter 25% of the book is really what made the whole reading journey worthwhile.

8. Pandemonium seems to be entirely different (thus far)- as if written by an entirely different person- though I am happy to say that it is the same author because I really wanted to like her stuff.

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25.0% "This book is unnecessarily taking me forever. I am on chapter 8 and it's still mostly dull. I get it- Oliver is trying to set up the inevitably "unexpected" meeting up with Alex- but I just wish it would get on with it."
40.0% "And now that we have concluded with the predictable parts with the ending of chapter 10 I am hoping that some surprises are finally up ahead!"
54.0% "I just want to believe in this story and just when I start to something disappointing takes that away. I'm sorry that I'm publicly whining about this book but I think that it was too hyped up for me."
75.0% "It took reaching chapter 18 for Delirium to move toward being a rewarding read. Though still a bit predictable, it certainly is more intriguing than it was at first.

My main issue is that the plot and the characters had so much potential to be amazing but continued to fall short."
100.0% "Wow. I don't mean this in a condescending tone but what exactly was Oliver's editor thinking?!"

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