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Kiss of the Goblin Prince by Shona Husk
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Apr 10, 2012

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The story picks up right where Goblin King left off, at Roan and Eliza’s wedding with sparks flying between Roan’s brother Dai and Eliza’s sister-in-law Amanda. Roan and Dai are now permanent and very rich citizens of the fixed realm. Roan is adjusting beautifully and loving life and his new wife. Dai is having major issues with the modern world, coming to terms with his past, and dealing with his budding feelings for Amanda.

The book is not fast paced or loaded with sex scene’s. However, in telling the story of a psychologically damaged former Goblin and a widowed single mother who has not dated or even thought of a man sexually in almost eight years, it makes perfect sense. I loved that the journey of healing for Dai took the entire book, and its clear he still has mending to do. It is annoying when you’re reading and the tortured hero is instantly cured of his ills by falling in love (usually over the course of a few days). I also loved Amanda’s caution. She is a single mother with a young daughter, she should be suspicious of the moody dude no matter how hot he is.

Birch Bank is pivotal in the book. I wondered what kind of bank would take gold from Goblin’s over the course of centuries never asking questions or affected by the oddness of it clients. I was not disappointed in beginning to find out why. We also discovered a lot about the other mentioned Goblin’s, which means there can be many more books to come.

Adventure wise the pace of the book could have moved had faster. There wasn’t much physical conflict, and I also wish the magic had been more prominent. Also, these character’s live in Perth, Australia yet there is nothing in the lingo of the character’s or the description of the environment that would distinguish Perth from any other city. To be honest when reading Goblin King for most of the book I thought they were in America.

Overall I really enjoyed the read and I look forward to reading the next book which I guess will be Meryn’s story.
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