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Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith
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Apr 10, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: fiction, magic-supernatural, teen-reads, mystery, blech
Recommended for: fans of Twilight

I really want to like this book, but the writing is making me nuts. The girl narrarator talks like an adult male, and it's set in Austin, so she peppers her speech with really phony sounding vernacular. I honestly thought a man had written it, she's so unbelievable as a teenage girl. In addition, Smith's transitions are pretty much nonexistent, and she overuses the names of roads and Austin locations.
Very predictable. Sort of an accellerated version of Twilight, only the vamps are not sparkly heroes. The conflict between Quince/Bella and Kieran/Jacob is not believable; Smith provides no motivation. It just is. Quince does have more spine than Bella, but not much. Her world still revolves around men. She is nothing without a man to define her. I'd like to say the twist surprised me, but I saw every little "bombshell" coming from a mile away. It also really bugged me that Smith stages her story in an alternate reality, but she gives no real setup, nor does she clearly define it. It seems to change constantly, and it makes no sense whatsoever that the people in it revere vampires but revile and fear were-creatures, especially when vampires actually kill humans while the weres are all trying to fit in. I will pass on the sequels, thank you very much.

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