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it was amazing
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Being a male reader on a booksite you kind of expect to be outnumbered when it comes to the sexes. But that doesn't keep alarm bells from blaring like a convoy of reversing trucks when practically every reviewer of a book is of the female gender. And when the author in addition is touted as the winner of multiple romance novel awards your primal male instinct is to run like your being chased by some primordial predator.

So it was really against my instinct and better judgement that I began reading this book. But this is NOT a romance novel. In fact it is a brilliant comment on the issue of euthanasia which claims it's brilliance by reading like a romance novel and not a political comment. Having personally cared for a handful of terminal people over a period of years, I feel I can safely say that many of the thoughts on serious aquired disabities and the quality of life is fairly realistic, and though the romance part can't avoid a bit of Hollywood-sheen, it never really gets unbelievable, and helps the reader engage him/herself in the characters and thus in their horrible dilemma.

Thoroughly engaging and thought provoking, this is the best book I've read so far this year (and I so did not see it coming).
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Melanie Van Rhyn I loved your review and could not agree more. The subject matter was seriously thought provoking and certainly made me question many of my long-held beliefs. The issue of the quality of life and the right of an individual to make his own choices in life certainly resonated with me. Isn't it amazing to discover these gems if you are willing to take a risk on a book and look past the corny cover and romance-hype!

Sacha Rodriguez because of your review.... I'm reading this book tonight! thanks for being a "man" about ;)

Dawn Rouvray This book has been sitting on my bedside table for weeks,I think somebody may have lent it to me. I was going to read it only in an emergency or a few chapters before my next book, however you have changed my mind and I will read it tonight....thank you

Jackie Hagen I had to laugh at the beginning of your review but couldn't agree more. This book was recommended to me and did not disappoint

Stevebob79 I absolutely agree with you. I was put off reading by the decidedly female-pitched cover. But it was recommended by someone who knows my taste and I was not disappointed.

Clare Hulme I totally agree too and it's nice to see a male point of view. I agree it wasn't a romance but in the end it was a love story. Very thought provoking book and one that will stay with me for a long time. It certainly made me take stock of life.

Brandon Cahall thanks for posting review, I was is in the same predicament, but since diving in (and reading reviews like your own) I'm pleasantly reassured.

Nicole (Desperate for a Good Read) Thank you for your honest and honest review.

Kristi Fleming Loved your review. It was right on.

Sarah Jama I just received a few books and my next read is going to be 'Me Before You' because of your review!!!

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ags It would be really cool if more men would comment.

Alicia Lim Couldn't agree more with you. I picked up this book thinking that its just another chit lite romance book. Didn't expect it to be thought provoking. It gives a different prospective of thought.

Emma-louise Burns Yay for males! I have worked alongside disability for a few years now and not only did it give me clearer insight to their world but it confirmed my thoughts on euthanasia. I did wonder if this book would be only 'suitable! For 'lasies' . And has hoped it wasn't. And you have confirmed why it's not . Thank you :)

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KarenLee And this is the best review I've read in quite some time. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort. I'm looking for this book today.

Sarah In fact it is a brilliant comment on the issue of euthanasia which claims it's brilliance by reading like a romance novel and not a political comment.
Spoiler much?

Theresa i'm going to read this book based on your review. thanks :)

message 17: by Ann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ann Great review. And no, not a spoiler. I was fully prepared not to like this book as it began, but by the end had been totally drawn in. Wonderful characters and issues, dealt with in an unusual way.

Aimée Your review may be shorter than some, but really, I couldn't agree more. This has been one of my most emotional state, and I feel that every bit of this is worth it.

Very thought engaging, and one of the best contemporary books ever written.

Jason thank you SO much for this review. it convinced me to slip right into this one. i had my reservations.... namely because im prejudice about books that go beyond a 350 page mark.. I dont know why, and i know its deadly wrong and horrible of me; perhaps its an attention thing. in any event you just chose my next book... i really dont wanna cry, though.

Kimlechelle You review is right on. This story is very believable that is why I enjoyed the book.

Liliana spoiler!

Alisha-Dear Constant Reader I carried like a freaking baby when I read this book. Good review!

Deborah Peck Could not put this book down and felt bereft when I had finished it. A beautifully crafted novel with richly drawn characters and scenes that will stay with me forever. I was given this book as part of World Book Night and didn't think it would be my type of book and only decided to read it when my sister told me it was sad. Not that I am only into sad books , but as I say I did just think it was a romance. Wow Jojo Moyes and World Book Night, have just passed it on now to someone else

Nicola-ingrid An honest and fair review. I'm reading the book as this month's book club choice, expecting it to be a chick romance - not at all my cup of tea - and I am so drawn in. I hate putting it down. rarely does a book drag me in in such a way.

message 25: by Isa (new) - added it

Isa I love your review. I honestly have been avoiding it for ages due to it's chick lit appearance but I'm taking a leap of faith on you.

Jason The only people who are spoiling this are those who bring attention to a very neutral and ambiguous small portion of this review. Need i remind you wills issues with a desire to live at highlighted in the main description, yet it to is hidden in a concealed like meaning. This review didn't say which way this book went.

Jason Isy. Trust me not chick lit. It avoided all they key elements. They author is on twitter two and is a doll. I was in contact with her throughout it

message 28: by June (new) - rated it 5 stars

June Howarth Cannot agree more with all the mixed comments one of the best books I have read

message 29: by Deanna (new)

Deanna Kulajian Agree totally with this reviewer...brilliant book! I loved it!

message 30: by Gigi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gigi Thorsen Agreed! First time in I-don't-remember that I cried during a book. LOVED IT. LOVED.

Tanima What an amazing review! I think this book needs to be read, both by male and female audiences because the issues it addresses affect all of us.

message 32: by Judy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judy Wonderful review! This was a warm and sensitively written book. I was on the beach in st Martin when I finished this book. I had sent my family away as I knew it would be an emotional end. I didn't just cry, I sobbed. Have recommended this book to many .

message 33: by Julia (new) - added it

Julia Amazing review! I was a Nurse for 35 years and my career which included 10 years in the QARANC the Nursing Corps of the British Army and 8 years in a Children's Hospice.
My accident which left me wheelchair dependant, and I lost my career, my friends, (who I know now were really not my friends at all) and I felt bitter and alone,
For a couple of years I had feelings of despair and bitterness and I must admit I tried to end my life a couple of times! But, and this is a big but, I started at a college for the psychically and sensory impaired and did every course and qualification that was available. Then I started doing voluntary work there teaching It and Art.
So in a nutshell I understand what the author is trying to achieve and I have started reading this book, only a chapter in and I hooked!
So check back for my review of this amazing book in the near future!

message 34: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Lyke THAT was funny!!! your first 3 lines its what had me reading your review to the bottom!! totally interested now and def ordering it!!

message 35: by Greg (new) - rated it 4 stars

Greg Thanks - it is great to get a male perspective on this book. Like you I am always leary when almost every single reviewer is female. I have pretty eclectic tastes but generally "chick-lit" does not interest me. I am going to add this to my want to read list now.

Elizabeth Stolar Thanks for your review. Someone recommended this to me, and I was leery due to the romance-angle and that this author writes romance. I don't like most books categorized as chick-lit, so the fact that you read it reluctantly yet loved it is making me move it up to the next slot in my TBR pile.

Nancy You might also enjoy this book: The Leisure Seeker by Michael Zadoorian. It's a really different story that's written with a sort of bitter-sweet sense of humor.

Amber Great review.... I completely agree. I never cry over books... for some reason reading doesn't spark that emotion for me. However, I cried during the last chapters of this book and could not stop. I was a complete train wreck!

Rose  Morrison I will never forget Louis and Will. A very unlikely pair of believable characters. Thank you, book club for choosing Me Before You.

MamaCat So wanted to know what a man would think of this book - so thank you and I might just now recommend to my husband! I hate romance novels of any kind, and though I feared this would dip into that genre - it never really did. And yes - having made a documentary years ago on the subject of euthanasia - I found this aero honest and heartfelt exploration of what it truly is like to live life with a spinal cord injury this severe.

loretta I loved your review and agree that it does not belong in the romance category. In fact, had I known it was listed as such, I wouldn't have read it.

Rachel I agree with your review. I was so surprised my friend thought it was too romancey for her taste. Great review that I'm sure will help many guys decide to give it a go. I think anyone with a pulse who likes to read at all will come away from this one with something. I also don't think I saw any spoilers..the summary tells you what the stakes are...good job.

Sarah S So refreshing to see a male audience enjoying this author. Starting this book tonight. If you haven't already I highly recommend this author's book The Last Letter From Your Lover. It's one of my all time faves!

Jason Sarah A wrote: "So refreshing to see a male audience enjoying this author. Starting this book tonight. If you haven't already I highly recommend this author's book The Last Letter From Your Lover. It's one of m..."

It is one of my best books! you will adore it.

Linda Great review, on the this basis have pushed it up my to-read list. Will recommend to male readers in the library now too.

Linda I love your review.

message 47: by Judy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Judy Tolley One thing I gathered aside from people's' opinions regarding euthanasia is the way the loved ones remaining have to endure. Lots to share on this topic for sure. I loved the book, by the way.

Jennifer This book has made it onto my 'to read next' list becasue of this review. thanks :)

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Maria HAr aldrig hørt om den her bog og ud fra beskrivelsen er den absolut heller ikke mig. Men jeg vil sige at dit review og den entusiasme der skinner igennem gør den værd at overveje

Lynda R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

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