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Destiny by Elizabeth Haydon
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Apr 10, 2012

it was ok
Read from April 30 to May 14, 2012

I remember reading this book when I was on vacation in Germany when I was sixteen. I liked it then.
Unfortunately, almost ten years later, I do not like it anymore. It got tossed along with the others into the donate pile; should I ever want to read them again, I can just get them from library.

What I still like:
-The worldbuilding! Still fantastic.
-Achmed! Still snarky and badass.

What I like more now:
-Oelendra and Anborn. Not sure why. I was ambivalent on them when I was younger, now I think they're pretty boss. Anborn especially.
-Constantin. He turns out awesome too.

What was unfortunate:
-Gratuitous Rhapsody hair descriptions: will they never cease? The answer is no.
-The romance between Rhapsody and Ashe. It's so sickeningly sweet that I had to skim in order to get through it. He never wants to see the stars other than reflected in her eyes! I wish I was joking about that line. I really do.
-The awful sue-ness of Rhapsody continues. Everyone falls in love with her! Everyone loves her completely! She's voted Lady Cymrian pretty much without contest! ugh. Someone needs to just dislike her because she's so perfect and such a Sue. I've read...well, there's no such thing as a good Sue, but I've read more tolerable Sues in fanfiction. Rhapsody was pretty much unbearable.
-The killing of the F'dor. They led all the way up to this in all the books, and it takes like...a few pages, and then it's back to Rhapsody/Ashe melodrama. Why, Haydon, why?

It's clear she can write well and build a good world, but instead she gives it all away to Sue writing.

I guess if you're going to read this story, read it *for* the worldbuilding, and for Achmed, and do your best to ignore everything else.

Will not reread further.

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