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Through Thick and Thin by Alison Pace
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Apr 10, 2012

liked it
Read in March, 2012


I sort of liked it. I usually really like books about women discovering themselves and trying to improve their lives, but this one seemed to lack something--a bit shallow maybe. As always, the dog descriptions were the best and once he finally entered the picture I liked that sister much more (not a good sign that I've already forgotten their names!). I loved DOGA. Awesome. I was sad that there wasn't more to the sisters relationship. Yes, they find themselves on their own, but then I'd like to see more!

Maybe what bothered me most was the fixation on different diets as the way to happiness. I wanted them to discover that it's not a diet that needs to change, it's a lifestyle, and then see that change them! I guess it sort of happened in the end, but we didn't really SEE it. Plus, a book so focused on women's image of themselves and how self esteem is so tied to weight, I wanted more--more inspiration, more philosophical discussion, more cultural critique, more emotion! That is a huge (no pun intended) issue in America today, and the book didn't hit that resounding chord.

I also took huge issue with the description of Ivy (the baby). In particular, popping her in front of baby Einstein so much! Working with babies and studying child education and development, no-I can't stand reading about babies with TV babysitters.

My personal issues asside though, I liked a lot about the book and, while no masterpiece, I'm sure a lot of peoe will identify and love it. Just depends on your point of view I'd imagine.

So far with Ms. Pace, I've discovered that the star ratings I give are directly proportional to how much dogs feature in the story. This one had a good splash of dog in the second half, and in the best way! That makes me amiable towards the story.

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