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Just Flirt by Laura Bowers
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Apr 09, 2012

really liked it
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Read in June, 2012

Originally posted at The Teen Book Guru

Just Flirt is the perfect way to kick off your Summer holidays. Full of flirting (duh!), cute guys, bikinis, and a whole lot of drama, this will leave you wishing your Summer holidays would be as adventurous as this, but also kind of thankful that they're not... I wish I had even half of the spunk that the girls in this book have!!

Ever since Dee Barton's dad died in a spontaneous and out-of-the-blue heart attack, it has just been Dee and her mom left to run the Campground. And even though it was difficult at first, now the Campground is Dee's home, and she loves hanging out there and helping her mom run it.

A few years back, something happened to Dee that made her lose her A-Class status. Something involving a very desperate, heartbroken Dee, a cute, hot jerk, and a letter. After Dee wrote THAT letter, everything changed for her. No one wanted to be her friend, except for 'Nose Pick Natalie'. Both Dee and Natalie met their downfalls because of Sabrina, the ice queen, and all-around pretty and popular gal of the school... and Sabrina just happens to be dating that cute, hot jerk who Dee was with before.

Sabrina is your typical blond, skinny cheerleader who rules the school... with a twist. Her mom, is not... let's say... your average mom. She dresses like a teenager, and actually kind of thinks she is one. She can never keep a boyfriend (or a job, for that matter), for more than a month. Still, she tries, and her latest endeavor involves Karaoke, and a whole lot of jiggling dancing. And her latest job just happens to be at Dee's campground, which can't possibly end well, what with Dee and Sabrina being worst enemies...

I love and admire Dee so much. Not only is she awesome at flirting, and has way more courage than I do, but she's also really nice and sweet, and loyal to her friends. When that hot jerk of a guy, Blaine dumped her, at first she was really desperate and confused, thus the letter, but after that she realized that he was no good and just moved past him without even looking back. Sabrina, on the other hand, is basically where Dee was a couple of years ago. She's going out with Blaine, but BOY do they have problems. And Sabrina really wants to work things out, but a part of her tells her to just go along with it because then they can be the perfect 'A-List' couple and all that shit (OMG excuse my swearing) ;). Ugh. I felt like shouting at her to grow a spine, woman!!

And her mom was seriously too funny. I'm so glad that my mom doesn't go parading around in mini-skirts and all!! LOL. I felt really bad for Sabrina for having to put up with her. But at the same time, sometimes I felt like she should've just stood up to her mom and said no! There was definitely A LOT of face-palming involved on my part. :P

Just Flirt was such a fun, and touching read that really got me all pumped up for my hols... I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think teen girls all around the world will love this witty, smart, funny and sweet read too!

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message 1: by Eunice (new) - added it

Eunice Wow! This sounds like a fun and fluffy read. Gotta check this out. Great review, Riya. :)

Riya Eunice wrote: "Wow! This sounds like a fun and fluffy read. Gotta check this out. Great review, Riya. :)"

Thanks, Eunice! It's a great fun, light hearted read that I think you'll like. :) Can't wait to read your review, which I'm sure will be fabulous as usual!! XD

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