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A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan
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Apr 09, 2012

it was ok
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Why am I 2 books or so behind in rating/updating? Because I am AWESOME.

Okay, here's the thing. I liked...a fair bit of this book, but I'm getting a little bit tired of Jordan's blatant sexism. Honestly, up until this book it wasn't really a HUGE issue; more like an annoyance. However, this book is where - if I was not approximately halfway through the series - I would have given up entirely on the WoT.

(view spoiler)

If I wasn't already 7 books in, I'd have tossed the series right then. Which is probably why he waited until book bloody seven to pull this crap. I can deal with MOST of the blatant and frustrating sexism in this book (is Jordan like 15? really?), but this one put me over the edge for a bit. Grr.

So aside from that, I am continuing reading the WoT series because there are other characters I do like, sort of. Also, because I am stubborn, and because I want to know how it ends, at this point. But seriously? Ugh. It gets two stars because that was not ALL of the book. However, it was enough of the book to keep it from getting 3-4.


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Christopher I hope you realize that Jordan shows the sexism and does gender role reversals on purpose as a major theme of the series. Difference b/w sexes, sexism, stereotypes, etc are a big part of the series!

Elizabeth Do you mean sexism between characters, or being sexist in his writing? I can deal with the first - the second annoys the heck out of me, and both are prevalent within the series!

Christopher I mean b/w the characters. Difference b/w sexes and people not communicating combine together to make for some pretty sexist/hairy situations b/w the sexes. I think about it like this: The taint has forced male channelers to be hunted and stilled by women channelers, which in turn have become the most powerful of the world (as in our world men have been on top for most of it). Now that women have more power, Jordan likes to explore sex role reversal b/w characters (women chasing the men, being in charge, etc.). And when combined with Jordan's whole information theme (rumors changing over time and distance, people not communicating how they feel, etc) then you get some, what may appear, really sexist characters not understanding each other and making huge generalizations, seemingly all the time, about the opposite sex. Not sure if that is a bunch of rambling or not.. but whatever :)

Angrboda Absolutely agree with you about Tylin. Sexual harrassment is NEVER a joke, and in this book it is treated as such because the dominant party is a woman. I do understand the context of Mat's previous behaviour to others, but that's still no excuse. (Berelain, by the way, is trying her very hardest to do the very same thing to Perrin right under his wife's nose, and nobody ever pulls her aside and tells her in no uncertain terms to lay off.)

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