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Warrior by Cheryl Brooks
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Aug 22, 2008

it was amazing

Warrior: The Cat Star Chronicles by Cheryl Brooks has got to be one of the most sensually imaginative books that I've ever read and it gives us an entirely new meaning to the words, "Tongue tantalizing, lip smacking, finger licking good". Whew! You gals want a hot book, well go no further because this one will sizzle your panties right off.

Tisana is a witch of rare talents. Her main talent though is healing and as with all healers they are a gentle sort who take care of anyone who might land upon their doorstep. Even gentle as she is, Tisana can still flay the skin off your back with words as sharp as razors that roll off her wicked tongue when you tick her off. For the most part though she is smart, sensitive, intelligent and oh so lonely.

Leo is the name that Tisana has given him since his true name is much to hard to pronounce. He is an off worlder as they call anyone not of their planet but an off worlder with talents that would make even the most virile of men weep with envy. Extraordinarily beautiful almost to perfection, he purrs like a kitten when stroked and fights like a tiger when provoked. With eyes of a cat and curiosity to match, Leo is much more than what he seems to be.

Our story starts out with Leo being almost dead and dropped at Tisana's cottage by his owner and master Rafe who just happens to be Tisana's ex. Rafe gives Tisana thirty days to heal Leo and not a day longer. Can she possibly bring this off worlder back from the brink of death without any working knowledge of Leo's species.

What starts out so innocently as a healer/patient scenario quickly turns into an inferno of lust with the most exotic description of Leo's attributes that I have had the pleasure of reading about in any male species. The old adage, "If it smells like a rose it must be a rose", well that's perfectly true here and let's just say, "Damn.........I need a bib"!

Our author has given us a sci-fi tale of true love, hot sex and even hotter orgasms. A magical story of hope, love and devotion so deep that to lose that which you love so much would mean the snuffing out of your own life like the wind blowing out a candle. Kudo's for the Snap, Snap, Sizzle, Sizzle that will leave you panting for more.
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