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The Zombie Autopsies by Steven Schlozman
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Apr 09, 2012

it was ok

The zombie apocalypse has happened. One third of all humans have become zombies or NLH (No Longer Humans). Scientists have been selected to go to an island in the south pacific call the Crypt. There, they are to find out how humans are being turned into zombies and to find a vaccine for those humans left.

This is based on the journal of scientist Dr. Stanley Blum. Stanley was part of a three party group planned to go to the Crypt. But two of the three helicopters went down in transit to the Crypt. When they land, conditions are worse then they feared. Only three people survive the landing and getting into the Crypt; Stanley, James Pittman, and Anita Gupta. But James and Anita have become infected. They are on a race to find out as much as they can about the zombies before turning into one themselves.

I have to admit that I have slight mixed feeling about this book. I liked the concept behind the story and how it was expressed. It was a new twist to zombies. But for the most part I’m disappointed that I wasted $15 on this book. The background to the story is a quick catch up memo that has been sent out. The story from the journal is only half of the book. There is reference to nukes being set off to try and kill the zombies and how that has messed up the atmosphere so anything electronic can’t be trusted, that is why there is a written journal and James does the illustrations.

Beyond that, there was nothing else. There were appendix that were suppose to explain statistic information and memos talking about how Stanley was probably the last person they should have sent to the Crypt.

I gave this book two stars because it is a nice little read about zombies. But beyond that, don’t waste the money for this book, especially $15. This could have been a great story with a little work but doesn’t make the cut.
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