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Bad Dirt by Annie Proulx
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Aug 22, 2008

it was amazing
Read in May, 2009

This is a great compilation in the true Proulx tone. Or course we are back out West, this time with Amanda Gibb, the bartender, a bickering married couple from New York, a hole that sucks up bad people, Florida Aligators, a lesbian couple with an old teakettle, and much more. One of the stories that talked to me the most, just for its outright filthy trailer park environment, was the one in which a young man is forced to move out West after his parents kick him out when their house is robbed. He ends up at a trailer park, living next door to the slut of his high school and the bully who had once smashed his face in. He meets his enemies buddy only to start a friendship that will end in one night after the Bully breaks his own son's arm. The child is drunk anyway and probably wading around in a dirty diaper. The slutty mom basically rapes the young man and he is forced into a situation that calls for trouble. On behalf of his father's request, he returns home to gather his things before moving to Alaska. He must returned to the trailer park to gather his things as well. When he enters back into town he is afraid that the bully is waiting for him with a gun after sleeping with his wife, but instead he learns that the best friend, the Mountain Man, fed the bully to the wolves. This mountain man had inherited his best friend's family. The mountain man has found a pack of his own!

Great read! Quick stories of Wyoming!


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