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Pure by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Jennifer L. Armentrout, I hope you read this (not likely I know...). Seriously, how the fuck do you do it? HOW can you keep giving us so many frickin' amazing books in such a short amount of time? DON'T YOU DARE STOP!! Why can't all authors be like you? Are you really one person? How many of you are there really? /end rant

Okay, now down to the book...

Yeah, not gonna lie, I was expecting this book to be massively predictable because of the similarities between Half-blood and Vampire Acadamy. This book? No no no. This book was special all on its own. I nearly didn't go into college so I could carry on reading this book. I nearly bailed on a friend's birthday so I could carry on reading this book. So, what was so god damn good about this book? everything, duh.

The next one, give it to me please. now.

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