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Apr 08, 2012

did not like it
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Before reading this book I had no feelings about Jennifer Hudson. After reading this book I vehemently dislike her.

She thanks God and Jesus a great deal. She credits them with all her success. Repeatedly. She believes her entire life was Destiny. You know, like this is the motherfucking Matrix and she's Neo. I think she thought it was humble to thank God and credit him with all her success, but it came off as arrogant. As in, God plucked her out of her life and gave her a chance to shine because she was too special for anything else. For example she was too special to ever have an average job. Burger King was her first and last hourly job and she called her non-musically gifted sister the Queen of Burger King... don't give me that look, I'm serious. Again, this was all said in what felt like false humbleness. I was always under the impression that this was how her life was Supposed To Be and her version of God was busy making sure it came out that way.

Her time at American Idol was discussed moderately (probably because she didn't win). She wanted to be voted off the night she was voted off and I guess the implication there is God did that for her too. Her casting for Dreamgirls is discussed at length (probably because she got that role). The Dreamgirls casting was also destiny.

Most of the book is a really awful advertisement for Weight Watchers. More pages are dedicated to that than the death of her mother, the death of her very dear grandmother, meeting her husband, and her time on American Idol combined. Her diet is gone over with agonizing and boring detail. Look, I get it. This was a really significant thing for her, but more significant than American Idol which launched her career or meeting her husband? Jennifer Hudson is, in a word, a bore. An arrogant bore if you want to throw another word at it. I'm sure if an editor had very gently suggested she was coming across either of those things she would've tossed his or her ass to the curb.

Coincidentally the book felt barely edited... I guess they were trying to get her 'flavor' or something, but the trying is SO hard and over the top that I began to suspect she dictated things and someone else tried to write it in her voice. She should have that person tossed to the curb.

Weight Watchers got her entire family counting points because they're all overweight. Her sister started it, but didn't 'stick with it' which according to Jennifer is a SHAME because her sister is SO MUCH BIGGER that her weight loss would've been REALLY DRAMATIC. Her sister is VERY LARGE because she is a lowly BUS DRIVER and cannot be very active. I wonder if her sister is speaking to her at this moment...

Her sister who is probably morbidly obese, given Jennifer's oh so flattering descriptions, decided she wanted to have Gastric Bypass after Weight Watchers failed. I have an uncle, who is also a bus driver, who recently decided to have this surgery and a dear friend who had a lap band done. It is an emotionally fraught and very intimate decision. For my dear friend, her choice came from a lifetime of failed diets and a desire to not die prematurely. She told very few people about it when she was considering it. There were long discussions about the pros and cons that went on for months while she got emotional counseling and nutrition classes for her post surgery life. It was a difficult period for her, but she made the right choice for herself after she'd become fully educated. I tried my best to be supportive, interested, and engaged when she needed me to be. I understood her choice because I went to the gym with her daily for months, watched her lose and regain the same twenty pounds, and performed the heartbreaking task of asking for a seatbelt extender for her on a group trip. Any reasonable, healthy path is something I would have enthusiastically supported her on. If she had decided lap band was not for her I would've been with her for whatever she decided to do instead or not to do at all.

Ms. Hudson, on the other hand, told her sister in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that she was CHEATING AND THAT SHE COULD NOT DO IT. Jennifer Hudson is, quite frankly, an asshole and by and large a ridiculous sell-out. You'd think someone who'd gone through a life of trying and failing at long term diets would understand that Weight Watchers just didn't work for her sister and that maybe GP would be a real alternative... She made no effort to learn about it the way she did when Weight Watchers offered her money. No no. This wasn't about Jennifer and this wasn't about her padding her substantial bank account. Her sister was just too lazy and uninterested to stick with it -- because literally not a bad word could be said for Weight Watchers, like some people aren't great at cataloging every bite they take, weighing their food daily, and tallying it up. No, the fault laid 100% with her sister. For real, that's what she's implying after a lifetime of being judged for her size. Fuck off, Jennifer Hudson.

I won't be supporting Hudson's career in any way. Frankly, I hope she sprangs (springs?) her ankle and has to cross the street in Manhattan in six inch heels while a cabbie looking for a big tip speeds a long, although I'm sure whatever God it is she believes in is going to come through for her specifically while less worthwhile people elsewhere in the world die. I dislike her so much I feel like rating all the other celebrity bios I've ever read (ummm two or three) up a star because at least they managed not to publish books that made them look this awful.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

That bad?

message 2: by Lucy (last edited Apr 08, 2012 02:11PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy I am filled with hate about this book. I wasn't even going to acknowledge I read it until I ranted to a friend for half an hour straight and decided to put it out there.

Taiyesha-Duchess of Indiana she sounds pretentious...

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim Yeesh..

message 5: by Rose (last edited Apr 08, 2012 02:58PM) (new)

Rose Great review, Lucy. :)

message 6: by Kelly (last edited Apr 08, 2012 04:03PM) (new) - added it

Kelly Yeah, (a) gastric bypass is not "cheating" or easy, and in fact the main reason I'd never do it is that I think it sounds impossibly hard and torturous.

(b) She sounds like a lot of people I know who do WW; I don't know what it is, but they come off like cultists, and like nothing in their life was meaningful before the damn diet. She has already annoyed me with the whole schtick about how she thought she couldn't be successful until WW. Um, singing career and movie career? The accomplishments before the diet mean nothing? And yuck, that she is now elevating it beyond the horrible tragedies she went through too? Ick.

(c) I lost most of my respect for her when I saw her on a talk show with kd lang. She was just recoiling from lang the whole time. It was enough that I looked up "jennifer hudson homophobic" online after watching the show and found that she had indeed made some comments that bothered me. Tactfully spoken, but still irksome when combined with the recoiling.

message 7: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly also, she was not that damn fat before.

message 8: by Lucy (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Kelly wrote: "Yeah, (a) gastric bypass is not "cheating" or easy, and in fact the main reason I'd never do it is that I think it sounds impossibly hard and torturous.

(b) She sounds like a lot of people I know..."

I don't know much about gastric bypass, but I do know my friend had a lot of recovery after lap band. So much of what we discussed was the extremity of it and the long road she'd have on the other side of it. Hudson made me angry because she equated it with cosmetic surgery. Specifically tightening some sagging skin after all her weight loss was akin (and both were cheating), like most people who have those surgeries are just aiming to look good in a bikini. No, nothing to do with heart disease, diabetes, and quality of life. She just sounded incredibly shallow about the whole thing.

I haven't spoken to many successful WW people, but she was definitely fanatical about it. I don't know how much of that was genuine though. I vaguely remember reading somewhere else that she modified WW by dropping carbs or something too, but no mention of that in the book. She seemed to be a perfect solider in it... There we go: So no mention of that in the book, in fact she says she was happy to have carbs back again so it was probably so much WW propaganda I guess.

I'm going to have to google the homophobia stuff. She makes a big point of saying her BFF is gay and he's still her executive assistant to this day (her manager back before Dreamgirls). She seems of the super religious mind set where she might've taken homophobia as a blanket sin, but her gay friend is really present in the biography so I'm not sure.

Rose wrote: "Great review, Lucy. :)"

Thank you darling.

Tai the Lioness wrote: "she sounds pretentious..."


message 9: by Lucy (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Kelly wrote: "also, she was not that damn fat before."

She was lower size plus. Even at her height for Dreamgirls she didn't seem to cross into 200 if I'm remembering right. All I know is she seems to think she's the overweight messiah and in touch with all associated pain and rejection, although she'll also hastily point out that she was never that big either (especially compared to her sister/rest of her family). Really unlikeable.

message 10: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly Eh, it may be that she has an idea in the back of her head that it's a sin but she tries to get past that, and I guess that's a good step. It just really stood out on the show and bugged me.

Or, maybe she isn't bothered by gay men but was paranoid Lang would hit on her! But I'm probably reaching.

message 11: by Lucy (last edited Apr 08, 2012 06:06PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Kelly wrote: "Eh, it may be that she has an idea in the back of her head that it's a sin but she tries to get past that, and I guess that's a good step. It just really stood out on the show and bugged me.

Or, m..."

Google says her sister is gay. *eyes google skeptically*

I actually found the whole quote where she calls it a sin and talks about not judging people... Seeing as I found her extremely judgmental and unemphatic...

She doesn't seem to do a good job of conveying herself at best. At worst her real personality is revealed in her moments of sheer thoughtless blathering.

Part of how she came across in both that quote and this book may be just a general lack of education. In her biography she never considered college. Might have been a mistake, imho. So many people seem inept when they start their careers, but then a few years later you catch an interview and they've become so poised, but Hudson never lost those rough edges and she doesn't seem to have gained the ability to fully think out the implications of what she's saying in interviews and to reporters. I don't think that's going to happen for her any time soon, considering how bad she made herself in a book she had ample time to rethink and edit.

message 12: by Kelly (new) - added it

Kelly The same sister who's so zomgfat? LOL

You may be right about simple lack of education/polish. She's certainly not the only star who pretty much always comes off badly in interviews, and I wonder if it just comes from people getting famous really quickly and before they've gotten the hang of dealing with the press. Heck, I could tie it to the recent YA author meltdowns too.

message 13: by Lucy (last edited Apr 08, 2012 06:17PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Kelly wrote: "The same sister who's so zomgfat? LOL

You may be right about simple lack of education/polish. She's certainly not the only star who pretty much always comes off badly in interviews, and I wonder i..."

I think it's the same zomgfat sister. The book gave me the impression it was just the three of them, one sister and one brother, although I wouldn't call the book clear or all encompassing unless maybe I had to reread it after some drinking.

Googling her sister/family, I'm seeing the murdered family members in many articles. The losses she suffered aren't really mentioned in the book. In fact, I'd forgotten what had happened to her until I started saying how much I hated the book to a friend. I understand not wanting to delve into that horrible period, but at the same time... how does one write a biography without saying something about it? Fill it with WW I guess, because that's the most important life altering event? I guess I should've taken that title more literally.

message 14: by Sheri (new)

Sheri Great review! I never knew much about Jennifer Hudson but now I don't think I want to know. She seems so full of herself...

message 15: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Don't hold back, okay? ; )

So was the Queen of Burger King the one that had gastric bypass?

I always thought there was something with this chick and this totally clears it up. Thanks for the honest review. Now to decide which person is more vain- her or Beyonce.

message 16: by Desperado (new)

Desperado I was never a Hudson fan but now I am feeling like I hate her with hatred. Lots of hating with lots of hatred. I wonder if her saint of a sister (the super fat, cheating, horrible one in Hudson's eyes) would be open to shoving a Triple Whopper up Hudson's ass.

message 17: by Eve (new)

Eve Davids Now, I see why people dont like J Hud that much. On entertainment blogs the comments always blast her horribly and I use to think they were just being unfair to her. However, I think its this same attitude that others have picked up through her interviews and so on. Nice review, Lucy. I have to agree with you that I think a lack of education, and lack of knowledge of social norms and so on play a big role here.

message 18: by Angela (new)

Angela Williams Your review sounds right on the money. I didn't like Jennifer Hudson while she was on American Idol and refused to watch Dreamgirls because of her. She's always seemed like a stuck up little bitch to me, so this just confirmed it. Thanks! :)

message 19: by Gina (new) - rated it 1 star

Gina Thank you so much! You made me feel less guilty about how much I hated this book. I actually couldn't even bring myself to finish it and would probably have gotten more inspiration if I had taken the $13 and thrown it in the trash! I was thinking of asking for money back but I downloaded it through iTunes and don't know if it's possible.

Yvette I would love to take a peek at it. I was going to buy it but thought I would check to see if anyone would be willing to loan this book if you have it on Kindle? Thanks!

message 21: by Lucy (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Yvette wrote: "I would love to take a peek at it. I was going to buy it but thought I would check to see if anyone would be willing to loan this book if you have it on Kindle? Thanks!"

I did the itunes audio unfortunately. :(

Yvette Ok, thanks!

message 23: by Akzcookin (new)

Akzcookin At the end of the day, who cares whether she's a bitch? I love her voice! I don't have to like her to enjoy her music. Now, Mel Gibson is another story. He's a celebrity who became SO offensive that I had to ban his movies from my life. Which is a bummer 'cause I dig the Die Hard movies. :-) 

Side note: Saw an interview with Ms. Hudson and her sister on Oprah. I knew from watching the (lack of) physical interaction between the sisters that Jennifer is in deep denial. She claimed that she wasn't angry at her sister for bringing the man who killed their family into her life. She forgave her brother-in-law for killing her family 'cause "he never had a chance."

The armchair psychiatrist in me says Ms. Hudson is deeply, emotionally invested in focusing on something other than herself or she might completely lose it. Her mean comments about her sister's inability to lose weight are (likely) a replacement for what she REALLY wants to say about her sister keeping that lethal weapon of a man around. There but for the grace of God go I ...

Yvette I really like Jennifer and I LOVE her voice. I am a huge fan. I respect REAL singing without all the fluff.

Yvette I didn't think she was stuck up at all on Idol. I think that Simon attacked here often either about her weight or what she was wearing. His attacks were personal and if it were me I probably would have had an attitude as well and probably would NOT have come back to perform after being treated that way. Every time I have ever seen her interviewed she has seemed cool to me, more nice than anything. They are all Diva's in some regard, Mariah, Beyonce, etc. They all make extreme demands when they travel, etc. The only person I would imagine who would not be that way is maybe Adele. I love her because she seems so grounded AND I love her voice and her music!

message 26: by Lucy (last edited Feb 06, 2013 02:17PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Lucy Akzcookin wrote: "At the end of the day, who cares whether she's a bitch? I love her voice! I don't have to like her to enjoy her music. Now, Mel Gibson is another story. He's a celebrity who became SO offensive tha..."

Dude.... Mel Gibson wasn't in Die Hard. That's Bruce Willis. You're boycotting the wrong actor. You're thinking of Leathal Weapon.

I don't know much about the Hudson murders because Jennifer Hudson didn't talk about them in this book. She talked about her diet and her sister's fat issues in a way that pissed me off. Maybe if she'd delved a little deeper I could've related to her. But why bother investing that much of yourself into a a book?! It's not like it's a DIET...

Yeah, I'm never going to like her.

But I'm sure she'll sleep well at night either way.

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