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Trois Contes by Gustave Flaubert
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JOHN CLEESE: I would like to register a complaint about this parrot, what I read about not half an hour ago in a Flaubert short story.

MICHAEL PALIN: Oh yeah? What's wrong wiv it?

CLEESE: I'll tell you what's wrong with it, my good man. It's representing the Holy Ghost, that's what's wrong with it.

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April 8, 2012 – Started Reading
April 8, 2012 – Shelved
April 8, 2012 –
page 52
27.96% "An old French word for scallop is "godefiche", from English "god fish", after the pilgrims who used to decorate their hats with the shells. I have read about this custom in E. Nesbit but never understood it."
Finished Reading
April 14, 2012 –
page 72
38.71% "Flaubert's (stuffed) parrot finally makes his appearance: "... splendide, droit sur une branche d'arbre, qui se vissait dans un socle d'acajou, une patte en l'air, la tête oblique, et mordant un noix, que l'empailleur par amour de grandiose avait doré.""
April 15, 2012 –
page 92
49.46% "Julien seems to be the huntin', shootin', fishin' type..."
April 15, 2012 –
page 109
58.6% "Et voilà l'histoire de saint Julien l'Hospitalier, telle à peu près qu'on la trouve, sur un vitrail d'église, dans mon pays."
April 22, 2012 –
page 120
64.52% "Enter Salomé's Mom, a historical character I'm surprised I've never met before. And she's a nasty piece of work too."
April 22, 2012 –
page 130
69.89% "John the Baptist tells Salomé's mother and stepfather what he thinks of them. I can see why he might soon be losing his head."
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message 1: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Thanks for the smile, Manny.

Manny I'm glad it amused you :)

message 3: by Randy (new)

Randy Where's Monte when you need em or Flaubert for that matter?

message 4: by Jamie (new)

Jamie I just saw the eulogy that John Cleese gave at Graham Chapman's funeral ( and it references the dead parrot sketch. Hilarious!

Manny Oh wow. You are all my witnesses: I hope people will be that tasteless and funny at my funeral. I even give you permission to post the videos and collect votes. In fact I insist on it.

Manny Shouldn't that be "fjords"?

message 7: by MJ (last edited Apr 22, 2012 02:33PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

MJ Nicholls Very good, but what did you actually think of the stories? (Not that my review is any clearer, but hey).

message 8: by Richard (last edited Apr 22, 2012 02:41PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Richard Manny wrote: "Shouldn't that be "fjords"?"

Not all of us can affjord a plane ticket to Norway as much as we would like to go there.

Manny MJ wrote: "Very good, but what did you actually think of the stories? (Not that my review is any clearer, but hey)."

Thank you! I really liked Un Coeur Simple and Julien L'Hospitalier - they are brilliant in very different ways. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Biblical history was insufficient for me to be able to appreciate Herodias. I had to keep referring to the numerous footnotes, which broke up the flow horribly.

Though, even so, there were several excellent passages. Jokkannen's invective against Herodias from the dungeon and the banquet with Salomé's dance were enough that I didn't feel I'd wasted my time.

Cecily Glorious.

However, I can't help wondering if Flaubert would be chuckling as he pushes up the daisies, or if he might be running screaming down the curtain as he leaves the bleedin' choir invisible to come and protest!


Manny Oh, I'm hoping Flaubert would appreciate it. I can absolutely see him trying to persuade Monty Python to film Bouvard et Pécuchet or Dictionnaire des idées reçues...

Seemita Chuckles! :D

Manny Thank you Seemita! Give it another four hundred years, and I think the Dead Parrot Sketch will be quoted more often than Hamlet's Soliloquy...

message 14: by Ivonne (new)

Ivonne Rovira As fine as the dead parrot sketch is, the best Monty Python skit must surely be either the Spanish Inquisition (which has a rare appearance by Terry Gilliam) or the Autonomous Collective bit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Manny Those are both very fine, though my personal favorite is the Logician sketch from the Holy Grail Soundtrack Album.

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