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Apr 08, 2012

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heart flip-flop. Language is delivered with ease and focuses more on content than on particulars of structure. There is definitely a lyrical placement of words; I was tempted to speak them as I was reading because they would just roll right off. The book also has good pace, it glides you through all the events and minutae to arrive at a complete picture, and then it takes the picture further through yet another cycle of important minutae.

Oh, Jace. This character is so well created it made ME crush on him a little. He's all kinds of perfect, and yet so imperfect. "There was jus something about him that I couldn't resist." He was setting out to show her (Tessa) how she should be treated. He's even considerate to ask if she has any allergies to any of the ingredients he's using to cook for her.

I really love the maturity of this book. I was completely enthralled moment to moment. It is definitely a page turner. I especially love how Tessa describes her relationship to Sam as a bad habit, and how they're always the hardest to break. This book really took me by surprise. It more than exceeded my expectations. It is really a worthy read.

OH all the 'lines' Jace throws at her (yes, we're back to Jace... it's like another Edward Cullen). Smitten yet slightly feeling the cliche moment. "You look beautiful." "You could do better." "I'll show you how you should be treated." "Nothing compared to the alluring effect you have on me." He definitely had a sultry and hypnotic tone about him. His boldness takes you by surprise and renders you speechless, it's what's mesmerizing about him. Jace is definitely an arrogant character. But he is terribly romantic. He kept leaving her these flowers on her windshield.
"Days passed without seeing Jace again, but every night I worked, I found another rose attached to my windshield. On the nights I didn't work, I'd find one the next afternoon, once school had let out, beneath my windshield wiper blad. None of them ever had a note besides the first, but I didn't need ont to know who'd left them."
Oh and then to top it off he comes by with two yellow roses, one for all the tears he had made her shed, and the other for asking for her forgiveness.
HA! I have to mention this tid-bit, because I know someone exactly like this. He doesn't have a cell-phone. That's cool! I love his reasoning for why he doesn't have one. "Because... once a person gets one, it's like it rules their whole life or something. Think about it. People feel naked if they leave the thing at home. Oh, and the whole text messaging thing - very impersonal. Besides, if I want to talk to you I'll find you, because there's never a time when I just want to talk to you. I want to see you, too. I like seeing your expressions and gazing into your beautiful eyes. It's all more intimate."
This is a great adventure, full of suspence and surprises, all the way to the end. The ending is probably the best of it all. "You've always been marked for change," is what Jace says to Tessa towards the end. I think I froze a little when I read that. But he is a little selfish, besides being arrogant and egotistical. He says to her, "Have you ever felt so lost inside, like you don't know yourself and you're not sure if you ever will? That's how I felt every day... but that feeling went away the day I first saw you. It was like something inside of me sparked to life and I knew if I were to ever let you go that little spark would die out again." Some how even though Tessa is the main character, Jace definitely took over the story for me. I want to be smitten by him, but also hate him, and then be smitten by him again.

Really, a very well written book. I'm glad I got the chance to read this book. I've also posted an excerpt to give people an idea what they are in for with this book. Check it out
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Jennifer Snyder I'm glad you enjoyed Marked and Jace's character so much! Thank you for the amazing review! ;)

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