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A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
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So, I read this really fast. However, that was because I just wanted to get through it. This book didn't speak to me very much. I know I've read YA a lot like this and have loved them, but for some reason, this one just didn't do it for me. Maybe it's because even though a lot of YA can be real cookie cutter, at least I might find some characters to really love. Not the case here. The one that interested me the most was Devin and that was because seeing him unravel from being such a tight ass was pretty much the only interesting thing to happen. Mostly, nothing really happened in this story, at least, not until the very end. I do wish Devin hadn't done what he did, though. I wanted to see him push past all of that. Guess though it makes Skye's choice-boy wise-real simple, though. Certainly not going to choose the boy who does THAT, even if you have no intention of aligning yourself with either side.

I don't see me reading the next book in the series. Maybe if I get an urge to see what happens to Devin. To see if he can redeem himself or if he's going to end up dead. One side or the other will kill him. Or Asher or Skye will. I don't see him living through the end of all of this.
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25.0% "Not that far in, but for sure she's gonna choose the rebel with a heart. That tends to be the thing to do in most YA. Especially in angel books. I wonder why no one ever chooses the boy that makes them feel protected and peaceful. Guess no one knows what to do with a story where the heroine chooses the good boy."
44.0% "I'm reading this fast, but it's mostly just to see what happens since I read the blurb for book 2. It's not really pulling me in for some reason. For the most part, I can guess what happens."
46.0% "Why demand to know the truth and then always jump to denial as soon as someone does?"

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