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The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks
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Apr 08, 2012

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Nicholas Sparks has not failed to entertain and make me fall in love with his characters again in his novel The Lucky One. When I found out that The Lucky One was going to be in theaters this month, I decided that I wanted to read it before I saw the movie because I find that the book is almost always better than the movie.
The Lucky One is about an Iraq War veteran who is named Logan Thibault. In Iraq Logan finds a photo of a woman at a fair and keeps it with him throughout his time there and it gives him an infinite amount of luck. Upon returning home, Logan takes up the challenge of finding this woman. He searches through phone books and researches until ultimately finding her and travelling across the country to North Carolina to see the woman. Along the way, Logan brings his German Sheppard, Zeus, until ultimately making it to the woman, Elizabeth Green’s, home with some help from those living around the area. Elizabeth Green is a single mother who separated from her ex husband, the town deputy Keith Clayton, and now lives with her grandmother. Elizabeth’s grandmother gives Logan a job working in and cleaning up her dog kennel, and as he spends time there he and Elizabeth fall in love. Although, Elizabeth has no idea that the means that brought Logan to her was a photo he found in Iraq. Keith Clayton is not exactly fond of the idea of Logan moving in on Elizabeth and having a relationship with Ben, the ex couple’s son. Keith ends up ruining things between Elizabeth and Logan by telling her that Logan had been asking around town about “the woman in the picture”, who was Elizabeth. Elizabeth is angry and scared and has a whole rage of feelings when she finds out and essentially calls Logan out as a stalker, when the whole time he longed to tell her the truth. Later in the novel, during a storm Ben becomes trapped out in a river, Keith attempts to save his son but dies in the process, while Logan is able to save the boy. Elizabeth realizes that Logan really does love her and the novel ends happily.
The premise of the story is very weird to me. The idea of a man coming and searching to find me after basically falling in love with a picture of me seems really creepy and unrealistic, especially with them ending up together in the end. I did really love the book, as I do all Nicholas Sparks books, but the storyline was a little far fetched. I wouldn’t say that this was a favorite book of mine, but not bad and I would recommend it to any avid Nicholas Sparks reader or anyone who likes love stories. I was at least pleased with the happy turnout, as that does not often happen (take for example The Guardian, which I read first quarter). Overall, Nicholas Sparks does have a way about his writing that captivates me and makes me want to read more; even though it may not appeal to all- I like reading his books. In this case, I think that the movie might make me view the book in a different light or actually like the movie more, which I can’t wait to see now.

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