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Resistance by Rachel Haimowitz
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Apr 08, 2012

really liked it
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I went way past my comfort zone reading this book!! I knew this level of intense BDSM wouldn't be for me at all, but I wanted to prove to myself that I could read it.  And surprisingly I actually liked it...to an extent.  I think I couldn't put it down mostly because it was so shockingly horrific for my poor, little, innocent self. I also think it was written well and the pace was quick. So much happened in the short span of time the book covered.
First of all, I don't really understand the need for this lifestyle.  I mean, in no way can this be functionally healthy, right? Anyway, with that being said, I did like the 'power play' between Jonathan and Bran; Bran's repeated 'resistance' to submit and Jonathan's struggle to break him.  So, yeah, the title fits perfectly. 
Second, I only found like 3 of the sex scenes hot (the ones that didn't involve pain).  All the others made me a little squeamish...(view spoiler)
Third, I think that Jonathan failed Bran. He basically gave up and did everything he could to get Bran to leave. I hope he's learned from his mistakes and I see growth and change in him throughout the next book. 
Fourth, there really isn't anything emotional between Jonathan and Bran, past the sex.  And I really don't feel like I know these characters much at all.  Especially Jonathan.  What makes him have these sexual kinks? What makes Bran need to be dominated by Jonathan? I hope that that will be further explored in the next book.
Finally, even though this is probably the most horrific thing I've ever read, I couldn't stop reading it and I still want to read the sequel Power Play: Awakening. This book only covers 3 weeks of the 6 month contract between Jonathan and Bran, so I'm curious to see where this will go next. 
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JustJen "Miss Conduct" Yay, you made it, Heather! I'm totally with you on wanting to see what happens for the rest of the contract. Will Bran make it all the way and get his $3 million? Will they (or Bran) develop more feelings, or just take the money and run? So many lingering questions!

Now, let's see if Susan feels the same way, LOL.

Heather C I bet you it's Jonathan that gets emotionally attached first. Bran's just in it for the money and the sex...for right now.

I say group read!!!

JustJen "Miss Conduct" I agree. And once or if Bran makes it to the end and gets his money, he has other plans that can hardly work if he's a 24/7 slave. Maybe Jonathan will compromise and ease up a bit. Not seeing it the way things are though.

Definitely group read! It doesn't come out until June 9th!

Heather C Yeah I'm so curious so see how it all turns out. Do you know how many books are planned? No way can they cover the next 5.25 months in one book??

JustJen "Miss Conduct" Not sure. So much happened in the first book, it really seemed like more time had passed. I imagine the next book will be similar, but I don't know.

Heather C Let me ask Rachel

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I can't believe you read this! I might not be able to tough it out. I absolutely LOVE the cover for the second book though, OMG. But fisting after 3 weeks. No thanks...

Heather C Lmao. It wasn't a pleasure thing. He did it to make him safeword and go home. He had already done so many tortuous things already to try and break him. That finally did it. I get sick to my stomach even thinking about it.

Heather C I'm hoping the second book actually had pleasure pain instead of outright torture pain. Jonathan is a sadist so I know there will be pain

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Dom sounds like an asshole. I'll pass.

Heather C Finn wrote: "Dom sounds like an asshole. I'll pass."

Yeah. He's pretty fucked up

Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews i want to try this

Heather C ~♡♥Ang ♥♡~ wrote: "i want to try this"


Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews lol lol lol

message 15: by Purplegirl (new) - added it

Purplegirl I could only read a little of this at a time. You're review hits it right on the head. It was just too much.

Heather C Purplegirl549 wrote: "I could only read a little of this at a time. You're review hits it right on the head. It was just too much."

It is definitely not the stuff I like to read about for sure! How far did you get?

message 17: by Purplegirl (new) - added it

Purplegirl I just recently and finally finished it. I had stopped a while after there was one of the ignored safe words, which drove me insane. The last part, before Bran left was BRUTAL to get through. I will just read reviews of the next one. I won't even try. Lol

Heather C Crap. I'm gonna try bc I wanna know what happens. I'm sure it's just as awful. I almost stopped at that scene near the end. I was gagging the whole time

I will have to wait for the right mood though

message 19: by Purplegirl (new) - added it

Purplegirl At 65%, my status update was that the book was making me so mad that I was yelling at people around me. lol I will say that the book was written well.

Heather C Purplegirl549 wrote: "At 65%, my status update was that the book was making me so mad that I was yelling at people around me. lol I will say that the book was written well."

I agree. That's why I gave it 4 stars even though it really wasn't for me. It's been almost 2 weeks and I still feel queasy when I think about it.

Luisa I'm starting this book right now. i'm still figuring out why. I suppose it's always good to try and expand your comfort zone, right? Wish me luck =/

Heather C Good luck! I read it for the same reason.

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