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This Is So Not Happening by Kieran Scott
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Apr 08, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from May 08 to 10, 2012 — I own a copy

Oh my god!! I just finished it and wow is all i can say. And also you will not be disappointed, well beside the fact that it is the end of the series which was really depressing when you got to the last page. i am in tears at the moment because its all over. 3 books sure goes fast. Looking back on it it has been an amazing series. when my friend first recommended it to me i wasn't too sure about it, but now that girl has become my new best friend. I loved it. every chapter. every page. every paragraph. every line. every word. every full stop (except the one at the end). it was amazing and definitely a book i will read again.

(sorry for spelling mistakes or grammar errors. im writing this at like 10 o'clock at night)

By the way im still new to Good Reads so i wasn't sure if im meant to delete my original comment. If anyone knows please reply.

Uggghhhhhh!!! MAY!!! MAY???? Why torture us like this? Its not fair!!
And what the hell? I know (somewhere deep, deep. deep, deep down inside) that Jake is doing the right thing by going to Chloe's doctor appointments, but everything that happened during the summer seems like such a waste. I mean he said he loved her and now he's blowing her off? I mean i know he knocked up Chloe (still questionable) but still I can't help but feel bad for Ally, Jake just toys with her so much. I mean first book I had to put down every 3 pages just to get my head around why she is still with him. Then the second he was soooo stupid sleeping with Chloe. She was sleeping with Will for Lord knows how long and he just decides to sleep with her one night straight after he leaves. Seriously how desperate can two people be?? She was Ally's best friend and his. But I just feel so bad for Ally after all the stuff she had to go through (by dating that tool) and it all just goes to waste because of Chloe. Words don't describe how annoyed I am at her. Well maybe some words do… but they really bad words.
At the start I sorta liked Jake and the second book too (well up until he did the unspeakable deed of sleeping with that {insert word}, Chloe) but now it is just too much i mean Ally has had it rough and now she needs to put up with him too?? Well all i have to say is good for her. Make a move on that cute guy. Thats the least Jake deserves.
As much as I hate Jake there still is a small part of me that likes him. I mean i'm still hoping down inside that the baby is Will's and that Chloe gets the treatment she deserves (cleaning gutters) but I'm doubtful it will happen ;( That's why i am not as eager (as i was for the first two books) for its coming out, because i know that there most likely won't be a happy ending.
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Courtney Ali I feel the same way. :l

Noor Nazar Totally true....especially the Chloe part!!

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What happens to Annie?

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