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Friends With Boys by Faith Erin Hicks
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Apr 07, 2012

really liked it

In many ways, this graphic novel reminded me a great deal of Anya's Ghost...but better! While I thought that some of the illustrations were a bit bland, the story captivated me and the characters worked their way into my heart.

Maggie has been home schooled her whole life, well, until now. The book opens as Maggie is preparing for her first day of high school. All of her older brothers go to the same high school but they're involved in their own lives and don't want to pal around with their little sister. These are issues that a typical girl would bring to her mother, but Maggie's mother abandoned her family. To make matters worse, her father is the sheriff in town. When she meets Alistair and Lucy, it seems that she has found her niche. They don't care that her father is the sheriff and they really don't mind that Maggie is a bit of an outsider. With their friendship and the love of her older brothers, Maggie finds that maybe going to high school isn't that bad after all. Oh wait, and there's a ghost!

While Maggie is going through the ups and downs of starting high school, she is also haunted by a ghost who Maggie believes is the wife of an old sea captain. Alistair and Lucy are excited that Maggie is haunted and the three try to figure out the history behind this ghost. In doing so, Maggie comes face to face with the cruelties of high school and why Alistair and Lucy are also outsiders.


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