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Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult
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Apr 07, 2012

it was ok

I'm a fan of Picoult's earlier books; so I pre-ordered this one and was looking forward to reading it. However, wolves don't do it for me. I don't care about the different roles in a wolf pack. So about half-way through I started skipping all Luke's wolf-talk chapters and only read the closing paragraph as that summed up the point Jodi wanted to get across in that chapter. Doing that definitely made the book flow more and kept me interested. If I didn't do that, I am not sure I would have finished it as the wolf bits slowed it down and were boring.
Luke, although in a coma throughout the book, was a despicable, self-centred ass in all the flashbacks and I kept hoping he would just die and stop the trauma it was causing his family. He wasn't a nice enough character to will to survive.
Cara was a narcisstic, self-centred, sneaky, lying, divaish brat and I had no feelings of sympathy for her at all.
Edward was so forgiving; I can't believe he forgave Cara for the sneaky stunt she pulled which made him end up in jail. But he was definitely the best of the bunch.
Georgie, hmm was a bit of an iffy character and needed to get some spunk and stand up for herself more.
Joe, he was the stand-out character in this book, the only one I really liked and connected with. The husband of Georgie, step-father of Edward and Cara, he did the right thing at all times and possessed far more wisdom than Luke ever had. Mind you, Luke got all his wisdom from the wolves and we all know how even Red Riding Hood and the three little pigs got the better of the wolf.
What made me keep reading this book, was because I really wanted to find out why Edward ran away to Thailand and what the true story was that caused Luke and Cara's car accident. The answers to those questions came at the end of the book!
This is not a bad read, especially if you like wolves, but there are better books out there.
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Marialyce Ok...your review convinced me...this one os going back to the library pronto..

Cindy Vine Now you make me feel guilty I put you off! You might like wolves!

Marialyce Don't feel bad.....I did not like her last book so I was not thrilled about this one either. It is not like there are not millions of other choices. :)

Cindy Vine True! I must say I've found a few good ones on Kindle's free books! New authors I might not have previously tried!

Tuesday I agree with your review. I rolled my eyes at Luke and his wolf crap. To be honest, Cara was just like her dad and I didn't sympathize with her for a moment.

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