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Skeleton Lake by Angela Kulig
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did not like it

I really wanted to like this book, but it is one of the worst books I have ever read. While the concept was truly unique and had a lot of potential, the story was chaotic and made no sense whatsoever.

I'm already put off after reading the first chapter. I don't know from personal experience, of course, but you can't just drown by throwing yourself into the water. There's a reason why you weigh yourself down because you float and you have a natural instinct to save yourself when you begin running out of air. Your body just automatically stuggles to survive so you can't just jump in and wait until you lose consciousness. Right?

Like I said, the concept of skeletons had a lot of potential, but I never truly understood the concept. Kulig tried to explain, but the explanations were first of all dragged out with "I'll tell you everything later" and they were scattered throughout the book without really connecting as a whole. The were so many holes, and I still can't grasp the concept if they're born or made, how they came to be, what they truly are and what their purpose is.

And about the romance. I'm one of those girls who has to have romance in the book and can really wrapped into the relationships. In this book, however, I felt that Kulig focused way too much on the love triangle than the actual story. And when it came to the love triangle, I felt everything was rushed, and it was as chaotic as the rest of the book and I felt like I was watching a ping pong match. It wouldn't have been a problem except that Marlow just loved both guys without rhyme or reason. I understand the concept of soulmates and everything, but the relationships was very surface deep on the feelings part and she just all of sudden kissed them and you're left thinking what the heck? And that the end, when she finally does decide, it's like she totally dismissed him as a brother so easily like she hadn't spent all this time creating a lot of tension.

I could not STAND Marlow. I felt she was always dumb creating a bunch of senseless drama. Yes, some may argue it was because of Cassie, but Marlow had such strong feelings and accepted them easily. But not only that, I hated how she's such a weak character. I always love a guy who can defend and protect me, but she was always getting into trouble and she never fought back. And she was always feeling sick or throwing up. I understand she's going through some unbelievable things, and I wouldn't be so mad about it if the whole thing hadn't been so contradicting - as in how easily she accepted her feelings with Raiden and Conrad, but how helpless she was with the actual theory of what she is now.

I don't know, this whole book was so chaotic and confusing (not in the I don't understand way but in the this doesn't make sense way), that I just found myself actually really disliking the book.

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