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Midnight Angel by Carly Phillips
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It took him TEN YEARS to get his head screwed on straight??

Going to ignore the direction my mind went after re-reading that sentence. Bad reviewer!! LOL

Anyway, ten years after leaving Holly a "Dear John" letter in which he claimed teen love doesn't last, blah blah, Dylan rolls back into town to get his woman.

Head meet frying pan if you ask me.

So, not ONCE in ten years has he deigned to contact her, and now he wants back into her life on a permanent basis?? OK. So, he has sewn his wild oats with actresses and models after leaving her with JUST A NOTE AND A BROKEN HEART, and now he's "bored" with that scene, aching and lonely, compelled by a dream he had featuring our heroine...NOW HE WANTS HER BACK??

Oh, he admits to her being a regular feature of his dreams, but this dreams...which ended with his semi-asleep self reaching out for our heroine only to fill his arms with THE HIS CURRENT GIRLFRIEND???

Uh, sure! Righto! Loser!! Sorry. Despite liking the book, I have serious hate thing going on with this hero. Maybe he'll look better on the re-read?? Of course, she just accepts it and jumps back into bed with him with practically no qualms at all.

OK. TSTL all of them!! Again, it was a very short, sweet read-I just have a thing for these heroes that waltz back (why is it ALWAYS ten or more years) into the heroine's life, expecting token resistance but eventual capitulation??

What are they the freaking Borg? Resistance is futile and all that?? I guess I am just in a mood. :-)
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willaful Oh, I don't think you would like Where Fires Once Burned (Harlequin American Romance) by Zelma Orr one bit... ;-)

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