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Tales from Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin
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Apr 06, 2012

it was amazing
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This is a collection of five short stories and one essay, all about Earthsea. The essay is a descriptive one, profiling languages, history, lands, and customs of Earthsea.

Here are my thoughts on the stories:

The Finder--A story about the beginnings of Roke school and the "why" behind a lot of the customs and gender roles of Earthsea. Feminism, romance, and the birth of misconceptions, all rolled together in a story.

Darkrose and Diamond--This is a love story at the root. A young man called Diamond is the son and heir of an ambitious businessman. As he has potential to be trained on Roke, his father gives him the freedom to choose between being a wizard or taking over the family business. His true joy, however, comes from music, and his true love is a witch's daughter. After studying with a wizard for a time, he is told that he must have one heart. This story is about his struggle between what is expected of him and what he wants.

The Bones of the Earth--If you have read the previous books, you know that Ged's teacher, Ogion the Silent, was known for stilling the great earthquake in Gont Port. Personally, I always thought that sounded like an epic deed, and wanted to know more details. This story provides that. :)

On the High Marsh--Sometimes people push themselves too hard, and go over the brink. This is true of wizards. What happens to a wizard who pushes himself too far? Where can he find healing for his madness? "On the High Marsh" explores the answers to these questions.

Dragonfly--You must read "Tehanu" before reading this story, and you must have "The Other Wind" to begin directly after finishing "Dragonfly". You may go crazy if you don't. If you wanted to know more of the Kargish Master Patterner from the previous books, you will enjoy this story.

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