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Apr 06, 2012

liked it

"Rajan wished for a rewind button; only this time he would like to punch Rohan even harder."

3.5 or 4 stars

I was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Navarasa by Lotus was quite a different one from my usual reads. But surprisingly I enjoyed it a great deal. Its a story involving nine different stories. And my favourites will have to be Seed, Loop, Wish, and Redemption. Though in even all the stories there were those some parts which I loved. Tremendously! I did.

I liked the funny, and witty side of the book. The subtle and not-so-subtle humour, both.

In the first story 'Seed', Rajan's uncle who he called a loser and sick drunkard was anything but. He once stood for himself and now only had himself to blame if anything went wrong or didn't work the way he wished. Trust me, it is always better when you are responsible for your own mistakes rather than putting the blame on anyone else. Uncle Dev gave Rajan a pretty god advice and even later on he only wished he had listened to him when he had the time. To stop being a loser.

Another thing Uncle Dev told Rajan stuck with me just as it stuck with him. I can only praise the writer for it. When you wanna cry you pour water on your head and no one knows you're crying. ;) Smart-ass! Haha

In Rat - the second story - its wonderful to know what Jay did, although yes it was quite unrealistic too, but come on its fiction so I accept it. Unrealistic because he jumped from a 20 feet high flyover on a car's bonnet and the next second he's up and fighting his way through. :O Just like the Indian cinema. haha :D And because these monsters - the rapists - they are seldom unarmed. They could've pulled out a knife or a gun on Jay but perhaps they were too shocked or surprised and drunk? Maybe.
But dear god, if that is what people do when they are drunk (I'm referring to Jay here) I wish everyone gets drunk! God knows we desperately need these drunk-night-watchman-kind-of-masked-vigilantes! The women they really are never safe enough.

Tarun was a sweet-chap too, though he ought-to quit smoking and drink a little less. Its insanely injurious to smoke and Jay rocked that way.

Some stories really broke my heart. Like T-20. God I really wished things would turn out the alright for Manoj and Teja in the end. But yeah I was teary-eyed when I realized that things not always turn out the way you wish them to. *sighs* I wish its just a story and never it happens to anyone in reality. And even Rajan's story. In the very beginning the last page of only the first chapter had me! I think I cried a bit too. Come on, authors ougth to stop killing people. It breaks my heart. :'(
Even Hag and Hz's death were kinda sad. Not too sad though. It was sort of funny, thinking of a story of mosquitoes. I was practically staring at all the mosquitoes in my room and trying to figure if they really could speak!! :D
Because I myself own plenty of mosquito repellents and coils and what-nots, never did I think about it from this aspect -- the mosquitoes trying to take revenge on the humans for killing them and their kind. Ghz, the beautiful female mosquito (I never thought mosquitoes could be beautiful, hehe) takes over the post of Chief after her father, Hz's death and designed a non-violent approach for taking the revenge. A MUTINY! Not just the mosquitoes, but the dogs, and cows and ant-fies too!

"She is our new Chief."
"A bitch is your new Chief?"
"Ay!" said Hag anrgily.
"Cool down Hag 40. We dogs refer to a she as 'bitch'"
... :D :D

Plus, everytime Ay says 'Chief' as 'She-if'. And the kiss = keep it short and simple.
I'm telling you this writer is a smart-ass! ;)

In the story 'Wish', Chintu's wish came true. He had another day where he took the revenge.
But there we also see one reason for why people/kids turn arrogant and aggressive and the we blame them! But no they are just the buffaloes fighting the lionesses.
Its us who force them to turn out this way. Up until the time the buffalo retaliated or took a stand, the predator (the lioness) always believed that the buffalo would give in. That it's a spineless creature, a coward, too scared to take a stand.

They mean it when they say,
'Never underestimate your opponent'

The story Loop was amazing because it quenched my thirst for mystery. You should read it!

Many many lines were there through out the book that unknowingly inspired me too. Like where he said "Just before the exams I would stop speaking to mu girlfriends, just freeze my social status with them till I made sure saw my name at the top of the list."
Come on, he's the one doing this and here I am reading all sorts of books and writing reviews and starting up a blog right in the middle of my exams! :O God save me.

As a whole -- Navarasa by Lotus is an amazing read. For a debut its great. Its engrossing and enjoyable, so you must read it! :))

P.S. Why the pen-name Lotus? I couldn't figure that out. :P

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