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F*ck Feelings by Michael I. Bennett
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You know what? F*ck this book. Its not even funny. You know what would have been funny? A book by a shrink saying "F*ck your feelings. No one cares about your feelings, least of all me, who has to sit here listening to them HOUR after HOUR because of that second mortgage. I. DO. NOT. CARE. ABOUT. YOUR. FEELINGS. I do not care about you. No one probably cares about you, except maybe your dog. Your cat does not care, it just wants food. So STOP TELLING PEOPLE your feelings, or at least stop telling ME them. Just get your sorry-ass life together and settle for what you have it is all you will ever have and be happy about it or at least less whiny. But you should still come to my office and pay me because I don't want to get a real job."

That would have been funny. Why? Because...wait for expresses his feelings! His real feelings, the ones of disgust and stuff that he really has. I bet he doesn't express these to his patients. So this book is like what he wishes he could say still hiding his real feelings and projecting everything onto them. Well you know what Michael? I don't care about your feelings either, even if you want to hide them as advice for the world! No, wait, maybe I do. I HEAR you man. I really GET you. Ok good luck with disguising your feelings as attacks on others in the world. Don't worry, because no one cares about my feelings about your feelings enough to read this review.

But if by any chance anyone does read it, I want to dedicate this review here and now to Alexandra Petri, whose style it makes a sad, sad attempt to rip off. I love you Alexandra. Really I do. If you see this don't think I'm a creepy stalker who makes very weird hidden attempts to stalk you. I would never do that. I love you and you should write a book. Oh you already did? I didn't actually know that but I would buy it. I will buy it. I will definitely buy your funny book instead of this unfunny book that I didn't buy and read standing up in the bookstore but I did buy a coffee so its ok. Please write more books, if you did already write a book. Good-bye Alexandra. I'm so happy imagining you might one day read this review. I also really deeply get stalkers now.

Ya, that was definitely more fun than my original vent:

Shallow, self-satisfied advice seems mainly aimed to make the authors happy. A few items seemed useful tho fairly trite; then I got to the part where they just slam social workers for wanting to help people. WTF? Seriously, wtf. I know several awesome well-adjusted and realistic social workers who are both empathetic and tough, definitely not pushovers, and who genuinely help people having a tough time. In one page they write a nasty rant indicating anyone on either end of a social work interaction is just a completely worthless human being. I'm not sure what the author's problem is, but I don't care to listen. Not worth anyone's time or money. Luckily I read it in the bookstore and put it back.

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