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Legend by Marie Lu
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Apr 06, 2012

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Allow me to begin my review by praising an element of this novel that perhaps does not get enough attention in general: pacing. The pacing of Legend really hit my sweet spot--so to speak. The less time I have to read lately, the more I appreciate an author who can tell a story that contains enough detail to adequately world-build, but not so much that I'm bogged down by endless ruminations on what was for dinner and what outfit the protagnist was wearing. In this aspect, Lu's book was balanced to near-perfection and, for that, I thank her.

I found the plot decent, although the ending bored me. Does every book nowadays have to end with an opening for the next book? Not that Legend is the worst offender that I've read recently, but it seems as though I've read nothing but as of late. At least this novel had a completed plot. None of this, "Come back next week for the exciting conclusion of . . ." Again, thanks to the author for that too.

So on the whole, I enjoyed this book. But I can't say that it sparked me. (Is it just getting harder to do? Have I become too jaded?) Since I failed to feel anything especially strong about this novel, I find myself short on commentary. As a recommendation I can say that if you're into dystopia, you like your romance not too romancy, and you need a decent quick read, then Legend might just be for you.

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