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Madly by M. Leighton
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Apr 05, 2012

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Recommended for: People who like swoony romances that involve a lot of fluttery feelings, people who like a unique take on classic lore and fairy-tales, people who want a quick read, people who don't mind the crucial need to buy the next book

Oh no, the dreaded 3-star review. Well, I don’t think 3 stars is bad at all…it means I didn’t love the book, but I liked it. Liking is good. I like chocolate, too.

Madly is Leighton’s short and sweet novella about a Madly, a Mermaid Princess – and it’s not as Disney-cheesy as that sounds.

- Leighton captured the voice of her MC very well and was a believable teenager and princess all rolled into one. Madly was brave and determined (when she wasn’t drooling over Jackson)
- I liked the easy, breezy casual writing style
- The world-building was very unique and original. It wasn’t just a mermaid book (and that alone would have been unique since this is my first mermaid book – mer virgin here!), it captured a lot of other mythical beasts, legends and fairytale characters. I kinda likened it to The Mortal Instruments Series…lots of different items thrown together in a bag and shaken, but with Leighton’s world, I think it works
-The plot was intriguing and kept the (virtual) pages turning
- Love the cover…madly
- I’m not rating the author here, but Leighton is a pretty fabulous person

- The book could use a bit of editing. Not in the “so many typos” sense because I didn’t find any and not in the “author can’t write” sense because it’s apparent that Leighton can write and well at that. However, the book was filled with two flaws that kept standing out to me and thus interrupted the flow of the story (I seem to be the only reviewer noticing this so I might just be strangely nitpicky today)
A) too much passive voice was used. For example, “Aggravated, my shackles rose” or “Casually, he turned his back on me.” Once in a while this is fine, but to me, it seemed to happen on every page.
B) in conjunction with the passive voice, there were too many descriptive words used. It just ended up being wordy and redundant. As a writer this is one of my own biggest faults, so I suppose I’m just hyper-aware of it when I see it. I love words. It’s hard not to describe the crap out of everything and I’m thankful for my editor for cutting most of mine out. And even then I wish he’d be harder on me. Less is more
- I didn’t get the love story. It wasn’t insta-love, thank God, because Madly had an admitted crush on Jackson for years, but I just didn’t get it. There didn’t seem to be anything there beyond physical attraction and as such he didn’t win me over. I got that Madly was in love/lust with the mer dude but I just didn’t care about him. Her feelings were also a tad repetitive. Then again, I’m not a huge fan of swoony romancey stuff (I’ve never seen the Notebook and don’t get me started on Twilight)and we only get a few pages to really learn about both of them
- Ended super abruptly. But kudos to Leighton, it does spur you onto the next book because you want to know what happens next, damnit!

All in all, this was a quick, fun and interesting read. There were a few detractors which hampered my enjoyment but I look forward to reading the next one in the series (yes, I just bought Book 2 and Book 3 comes out this month). I think more depth and length might do the characters and story better justice and I am very intrigued by this Wolfhardt character (I've always wanted to meet the big bad wolf).
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message 1: by Kerry (new)

Kerry I don't think three-star reviews are bad and don't understand why some authors are so insulted by them. I'll pass on this book because I wouldn't be caught dead reading a mermaid book, but I downloaded her Catipillar book weeks ago. It was good!

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