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Never Love a Highlander by Maya Banks
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Apr 05, 2012

it was amazing
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** spoiler alert ** Book Blurb Caelen McCabe’s young, reckless heart nearly destroyed his clan. Now putting family loyalty above all else, he steps up to marry his older brother’s jilted bride and salvage the uneasy alliance between two clans. While beautiful Rionna McDonald is a fit wife for any man, Caelen trusts no woman, especially not this sweet temptress who torments him with white hot longing.

As the sacrificial lamb in her father’s power game, Rionna will do her duty but protect her heart and her pride from another man’s humiliation. Despite everything, the heat in Caelen’s touch melts her defenses and she craves the sensual delights of a husband who guards his emotions as fiercely as his clan. But when the ultimate battle for the McCabe legacy is upon them, Rionna’s true warrior spirit emerges. She will risk the wrath of her father, the fury of her enemies, and her life to prove to Caelen that his wife’s love is too precious to lose.

My Thoughts:Why is it the best book in the series is always last? I mean, I know that's a silly question, it's to get you to read the entire series, but if you can write a book like this, then all of them should be, (borrowing a line from BDB) 'Ya feel me?

I love a tortured hero so much, I don't know why, but seeing a man who feels hopeless or who has given up on love, find love just makes my heart melt! Caelen's past is finally filled in, for the most part (still would have liked a few more details, but we get enough to be angry for him) and it's just as bad as we were led to believe. I didn't notice in the first book, or even the second one that he ever watched Rionna, much less found her attractive. Either I missed it or he did such a good job of hiding it. I do think he was a bit harsh on the McDonald men, but apparently it was warranted and it all worked out. I love that he wasn't an ogre with Rionna in the bedchamber, she needed a little extra patience, so glad she got it from him!

Rionna, I didn't think I'd like her as much as I did. She seemed at odds with everything, like maybe she wouldn't fit in anywhere, which is exactly how she felt. With Caelen at her side, she seems to blossom, finding her way, not having to hid herself from her father, or prove that she's worthy (love that Caelen tells the men repeatedly that Rionna is better fighter than all of them!). It was hard to watch her be depressed after her attack, and then when she was angry at Caelen because she could have defended herself and felt violated even though she didn't have to, and Caelen agreed! *swoon* I loved that Rionna wasn't afraid to confront him, but at the same time she knew her place as lady of the clan, willing to perform her duties and still being herself. Too often books have heroines who do a complete about face, all because some man says so? No thanks. This is a heroine here I like to see. There's a time and place for everything, and she exudes this well.

The story line, well, I was a little disappointed we didn't find out more about what happened between the former Laird McCabe and Laird Cameron's father on the battlefield. Instead we only get the rantings of a asshat. It still doesn't justify why the McCabes were nearly destroyed, but Cameron didn't take their land. Land was a valuable commodity back then and the more you had, the more powerful you were. It doesn't make sense. Also Caelen doesn't tell his brothers of Cameron's rantings, he keeps it all to himself. I didn't like that, he's still taking on the burden for something that was not his fault. Also, the Elspeth story line was very incomplete. I think delving more into that just a bit would have given the story a more heft. It seemed very after thought, not fully fleshed out.

This is also the first time I've heard of a man in a historical romance giving up his last name to take his wife's name. Doesn't mean it doesn't happen, but I've not heard of it. I wondered how the whole thing was going to work out, Laird McCabe of the McDonald clan who has a son, presumably a McCabe, who will be the next laird of the McDonalds? I guess this is one way to figure it out. Just wonder how historically accurate it is.

If you've read the first two and liked them, of course you'll like this one. These are still not serious, but who cares! They're fun, exciting and highlanders! It's what you'd expect of a typical highlander story, but these aren't just pure fluff. Almost, but not quite, lol. If you've not read them, start with the first, not only because it's only logical and it drives me insane to read things out of order, and so everyone should be like me, but they're also tightly connected, things happen in the prior books that are mentioned in this one, and it might make it a little tough to pick up in the middle or end. Even though this is the best book of the series, but as I said earlier, it's common knowledge you save the best for last!
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