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Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer
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Apr 05, 2012

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Read on June 19, 2012

Gigi and her friends are the hero(oine)s of smart girls! At last, there is a contemporary read where the smart girls take the spotlight. Not to say that there aren't other smart girls or girls who are smart in other ways. This is a book that focuses on the fact that the main characters are smart girls and how they go about finding popularity while maintaining their studies. Other unique features of the book: one of Gigi's friends (Neerja) is Indian (go ethnic diversity!) and Gigi's grandmother is French and uses French.

I adore Gigi's character. She's an overachiever like Bea and Neerja, and she relates thermodynamics to the hair-styling process. She has a great sense of humor and good taste in books. A smart girl who also loves Anna and the French Kiss = win. One day, she wakes up and realizes that if she spend all of her time studying, she won't have a social life. I went through a similar stage--also in my sophomore year of high school, now that I think about it--so I can relate. It was the year that I began trying to talk to people more instead of studying all the time, and I picked up my first "fun reading book" in years. Gigi's progress takes time as well, though she manages to find herself by the end of the school year with the help of her best friends and a chemistry project she's forced into with a jock.

Although Gigi didn't want to leave high school without any memories, it takes an almost suspension to set plans into motion. It also makes the principal aware that students didn't view themselves quite as equals, as Gigi looks down on jocks and the jocks think she's out of their league. There are also the students who don't get smart people at all. I love this angle to the story. It's very real and applicable to high school life today. I knew students who were better at sports than studies, but my high-school valedictorian was part of the band and was pretty into sports. A physics and computer science nerd at my school was on the football team. People shouldn't be labelled just by the groups they hang out with, and it's something that Gigi will learn when she realizes that she's been overlooking a hot sweetie with brains hiding under a a jock-ish exterior.

Smart Girls Get What They Want plays on the social stereotypes that we see in too many schools today and shows how people aren't always what they seem to be on the surface. The story is light and filled with humor, as Gigi struggles to overcome her fear of public speaking and find her niche in the school where she'll be remembered, and her friends undergo similar experiences. The story is light, cute, and filled with humor. It is about friendship, branching out, and speaking up. There is romance, but it is secondary to the girls' plans to succeed in something other than their studies. I recommend this to those looking for a fun contemporary read with depth to it and a memorable cast of characters.

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