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The Violets of March by Sarah Jio
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Apr 05, 2012

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In general I really enjoyed this book and the journey it took me on. It's has an unexpected mystery that gets unraveled through out and I always like a mystery and trying to solve it as I read. And I will say that this one kept me guessing a bit as I tried to put all the pieces together, but I did figure most of it out along the way. My major complaint is that there are way too many people in this story that used to go by another name. As the 'mystery' is being unraveled at the end it's all "oh she used to go by that" and "he used to go by this." I just have a hard time believing that in a tight circle of friends so many of them started going by a different name. I can really only think of 1 person that I know that completely changed his name from going by his middle name to going by his 1st name as an adult. So the chances that 5 people in a small town would all start going by a new nickname or switching from 1st to middle or middle to 1st once they are adults is pretty ridiculous to me. And then I felt a little annoyed by the ending. Not the actual ending necessarily, but more how it all made me feel. I had gotten caught up in the mystery of this story and Esther, but the ending and Esther's actions just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I felt a bit cheated that the entire book I'm taken into Esther's world feeling drawn to her and hoping for the best for her, only to learn that she is basically just a silly and selfish person who made a pretty terrible decision with no regard for the feelings of the people she supposedly loved. I don't want to ruin the ending, so I'm trying to be vague - but I'd be interested to know what you think of it if you read it...
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Crystal I completely agree with you! The whole name changing was killin me! While I didn't think the ending was awful, I agree with you on that as well. It makes Esther seem selfish...she portrays early on that she loves her 1st daughter, so how could she have a 2nd and seem to forget the 1st one? And what about enduring love? If hers and Elliot's love was that enduring, you would think she would have come back. Overall I still loved the book though.

Jennifer Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a fast, easy read for me. But the name thing was just too convenient and too much of a stretch. And the ending was disappointing for me, too.

Tamara I wish she would write a sequel to this novel.

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