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The Lodestone by J. Philip Horne
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Apr 05, 2012

really liked it
Read from April 05 to 17, 2012

Kindle Version (free from author through Library Thing for review)

This book takes place, first, in a small town on Earth named Hillacre. In this small town lives a woman named Miss Edna, who is a nurse who has been a great asset to the hospital she works at and who loves to help children, so is a foster Mom too. Her latest foster child’s name is Jack Paris. Jack was a very troubled young boy when Miss Edna first took him in at the age of eight. He was always in trouble at school and never kept very long by any foster home. Miss Edna just knew that Jack was supposed to be with her for her to guide and keep safe, so she took him in. Jack has been a changed boy since then and has since started doing ok in school and has gained a friend named Sally, who he sits by every day on the bus ride to and from school. Seems half way ordinary right? Well, on the outside yes, but Miss Edna has a deep secret she has kept from Jack. Miss Edna is really a Wizard from another far away world named Artaeris. Miss Edna used to be a very evil Wizard, but since has “turned over a new leaf” so to speak and is now wanting to fight for what is right, and has done so by keeping Jack safe. You see Jack is not a “normal” boy, but a boy who has a special gift in the wizarding world, the world he knows nothing about. Jack was born in the wizard world of Artaeris, but then was sent to Earth to live. Why? Because the dark Wizard Drakin sent him there to later use him for his evil plan. One day after school Jack and Sally get the surprise of their lives…they find out Miss Edna is not who they think she is and learn about Artaeris from her…but only as they are being attacked by the evil wizards coming to take Jack away from Earth back to Artaeris. Once there, Miss Edna is captured while trying to find out what is going on, Jack and Sally are forced to try and make sense of a whole world they never would have thought existed, Jack learns the truth about who he really is, Jack and Sally meet two more Wizards (Gerlock and Fortuna), a FBI agent, from Earth, named Derek gets mixed up in things and is now banded together with them in Artaeris, and a dwarf named Verdag decides to help the unusual group. While trying to rescue Miss Edna, however, Jack is taken by the evil wizard Drakin and also is now in need of rescuing. Can the mismatched group save Miss Edna and Jack before it is too late? Will Jack figure out why he is so important to Drakin? What evil plot is Drakin up to and can they stop it before it’s too late?

This book was a good read. It had adventure, action, suspense, comedy, magic, and great characters. This book kind of was a twist of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings in my eyes. Being that I loved both of those series, this book piqued my interest from the time I started reading it. I liked the way the book went from Earth to Artaeris several times, but in ways that made perfect sense and added to the suspense of the story. The book would not have been the same without the characters picked to be in it. Derek, the FBI Agent, added a certain flare to the story and that he became part of the group that traveled to the wizard world and then helped there too was just hilarious to me. He added the comedy to the book just by being in it. I quickly came to love the group of seven (Miss Edna, Gerlock, Fortuna, Derek, Jack, Sally, and Verdag). The best part of this book for me was that is was always pretty clear what was going on, it never had a lull moment, and it was just fun to read. If you are looking for a book that mixes the “normal” world with the fantasy/wizarding world this is THE book for you! I would highly recommend this book to any aged crowd. The characters themselves are interesting enough to read the book and find out more about them, and when a great plot is added you get an amazing read that everyone should experience.

4/5 Stars!

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