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Desiree by Roberta Gellis
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Aug 20, 2008

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Read in January, 2007

Gellis fans will be disappointed with this entry in the Roselynde Chronicles. This book was apparently published in 2004 as an addition to and intro to a planned republishing of Gellis' beloved Roselynde books. The story is about Simon's nephew Alex who leaves his home in France after his mother (Simon's sister) dies. Simon and Alinore take Alex under their wing and after he is knighted he is appointed as the castellan for the aging Sir Frewyn and his young wife Desiree. Of course, sparks fly between the two, Alex's evil brother bungles (and I do mean bungles!) his way through his attempts to murder Simon at the order of King John and thus begins a very predictable and not well written historical romance.

I totally agree with the other two reviewers who felt this book was poorly executed, and I too felt that the characters were either black or white with no character development at all. Alex was wishy washy, his brother is the world's most incompetent spy and would-be murderer and Desiree is so irritating and immature at some points that I wanted to slap her. The love scenes were way over the top and at times so silly that I could barely slog through them. I also got very tired of the way Alex was always, well, er, ahem, "rising to the occasion" at the smallest glimpse or touch from Desiree. It got to be quite old after a while, and I would have wall-banged the book but it belonged to the library :0

I had planned on reading the rest of the Roselynde chronicles, but since it appears that the rest of them are not going to be reprinted and the used copies are a bit on the expensive side, I am sorry I will have to miss those wonderful books. I am just grateful that I was able to obtain this book at my library instead of paying the exorbitant price for this used book currently being offered via Amazon. I would have given two stars for the storyline, but I'll give Gellis an extra star for her knowledge of Medieval times and customs and being able to impart that knowledge into her storylines. Three stars.

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