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The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle by Bob Blaisdell
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Aug 20, 2008

really liked it

I read the Great Illustrated Classics version of this and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip VAN wINKLE APPEAR TO BE 2 SEPERATE STORIES. bUT FOR SOME WEIRD REASON THERE WERE 3,NOT 2, STORIES IN THE BOOK.(Oh sorry about Caps Lock, I didn't wanna type that all over again. Sooo...
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is about a schoolteacher dude who believes in the legend of sleepy hollow. The legend is that a headless guy looks for his head every night at sleepy hollow. The sad thing is that the schoolteacher has to get home through sleepy hollow at night time(uh-oh)
Ok, now, the schoolteacher(I forgot his name, it starts with an I) has an incredibly huge crush on this girl Katrina who is pretty and filthy rich. But Brom Bones, a tough dude likes her too. Basically the story is about him trying to impress her and stuff and Brom Bones doing bad stuff to him. But then one day the Ghost of Sleepy Hollow chases the schoolteacher and then he gets scared and was never seen of ahain. Oh yeah, and Brom Bones marrys Katrina. The End.
The second story, Rip Van Winkle is(let me make this very short and simple. The story was more detailed) A guy goes in the forest, meets these elve guys, drinks beer with them, wakes up in the morning and the beer made him sleep for 20 years so now hes old, then he goes back to the village, everyything changed, no one knows who he is, he is confused and sad, and then he sees his daughter, they reunite, The End.
And the last story is my fav out of the three. Ok (I gota take a deeep breath,)This dude is obsessed with money, dreames that he digs up gold in his cabbage feilds, so at night he digs up his whole feild, ruins the cabbages, turns very poor, his family thinks hes crazy, then he goes to a hotel inn and hears a story about buried treasure, tries to dig it up, and then the pirate catches him, then he gets knocked out, somebody saves him, he is about to die, everyone sad, then right before he dies someone tells him about the road about to be built in his cabbage patch and that he would of had been very rich, he suddenly jumps up, is healthy, is happy, and then he gets rich and him and his family live happily ever after.

I liked these stories. They were very interesting

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