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The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
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Apr 04, 2012

really liked it

Wow. Just wow!!! I was in a reading sump nothing was getting my attention. I got this book and I was kind of sketchy about it, it was a mix of everything I like in books!!!! This author pulls you into this book, pulled A LOT of emotions out of me that is for sure!!! She takes a whole new look on the future and trying to create a "perfect" society.

The book starts out with a bang. Her main characters is amazing. Aleena saw her parents taken from her when she was young, grew up in an orphanage, has to take this personality test that shows if you will be some kind of psycho. She is pretty sure she will pass, she is shy, kind of mousy and has stayed under the radar for the most prt of her life. So it is a surprise when she wakes up sore, on THE WHEEL. She is thinking there is some kind of mistake, why is she here, she has seen what some of these kids look like!!! If you didn't get pulled in right off, then this will get your attention. Shy, mousy Aleena is thrown into a turf war, who is going to get her!? The good guys or the bad?! Is she going to see the blue eyed boy from the video?! So many things running through her mind at all times, you are trying to keep up with her, you are feeling like you are in her parts and in others you feel like another character. The emotions are spot on, you feel everything in this book, or at least I did! Aleena wants to learn to fight, for her life and the people she is starting to form friendships with. Throughout her training you can just feel her happiness at learning, and everything else. She actually feels like she is finally doing something right, she finally fits in somewhere.

Liam woo baby! How could you not fall for him?!!! hot damn I was melting right at the beginning before we found tout his name! He is an amazing character. The great hero complex but it isn't like all out there, kind of a strong silent type. I cannot say enough how much I loved his character, and the other characters were also all amazing. When you see them through Aleena's eyes you can picture them. Throughout this whole book I could picture it all in my head. The smells, views, sounds everything and that is truly something not a lot of authors can pull off the right way! I cannot recommend is book enough! I am already anticipating what is going to happen next!!!

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message 1: by Roseandtrad (new)

Roseandtrad how have you and others read this book when its apparently not out yet, according to amazon et al?

Melissa Advanced copies

message 3: by Roseandtrad (new)

Roseandtrad ah k, thank you. are you in the industry or friends and family?

Melissa In the industry ...

message 5: by kpopfan (new)

kpopfan Who's POV is it? authors or main charater?

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