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The Reading Group by Elizabeth Noble
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Apr 04, 2012

liked it

The book was ok, I just couldn't get into the characters. One had college age kids and a mom in a nursing home. A very shallow person. One was a rich trophy wife who eventually leaves her cheating husband after getting pregnant to save her marriage. One was upper middle class housewife who could have been a very funny and touching character if she wasn't so whiney. I don't like cleaning waaa, I don't like having kids all the time I need freedom boo fricken whoo. Another was a mom of older children getting ready to get married again. Her 20 year old daughter gets pregnant and oh she cries and whines around until mommy offers to raise the kid while she's in school. There are so many reasons I didn't truly enjoy the book but that did it the girl was 20 not 16 make her take care of it herself offer to babysit but make that big baby grow up! Ok rant over. I did get involved as I cheered for these women making the right desions and I booed them for making the wrong ones. So overall not terrible but could and should have been much better.

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