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Mr. Monster by Dan Wells
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Apr 04, 2012

really liked it

This is the second installment of the John Cleaver trilogy. In the first novel, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER, young Cleaver tries to convince himself that he is indeed not a serial killer. However, he has been labeled as a sociopath by his therapist, he has 3 names as do most serial killers (John Wayne Cleaver), his father was an abusive loser, he and his mother live above the mortuary they operate as a family business, and he has all these handy-dandy rules to avoid becoming a serial killer. Anyway, read the first one for more background. In this novel, John Cleaver has named the "other" part of himself that just may be a serial killer. He calls it "Mr. Monster" and since his mother has now been clued in to his sociopathic abilities after witnessing him kill a demon in the last novel, she has decided to try to help him stick to his rules by nagging him nearly to death. Good old mom! One of John's rules is to always compliment a person he thinks about killing, so this leads to a bit of humor when he tells his mom she looks nice and her response is "What was that supposed to mean?" Yeah, that's what it meant. Aside from the slap-stick humor and John's journey toward embracing who he is, trying to fit into high school life as a sociopath, and also beginning to develop some serious love feelings for his neighbor Brooke (who he frequently imagines murdering or at least creatively hurting), he is on a mission to find and stop yet another serial killer in his small North Dakota town. A serial killer he is pretty sure is also a demon and is calling him out to play by leaving bodies in all the places the last killer struck. As John parries with the local FBI agent assigned to the last serial killer murders, tries to act "normal" around his classmates, and also avoid jail as he begins to look guilty, he struggles to find the new killer and stop him before more damage is done. The culmination of all this wild activity is a showdown to remember on the serial killer demon's turf. Who's going to come out on top? I told you it was a trilogy, so what do you think? A good read and a nice twist on serial killer lore.

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