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Tomorrow Land by Mari Mancusi
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Apr 04, 2012

it was ok

I'm a girl who loves her zombies! I love the funny walking, the crazy demented looks...everything. I mean I'd probably die in a zombie apocalypse from laughing so much, but I enjoy it nonetheless. I had really high hopes for this book too, but it just didn't make my day.

I enjoyed the story, but my main issue was the jumping back in forth in time. I wanted to know why Peyton did some things, but I honestly stopped caring after a while. A lot of the chapters referring to the past seemed like filler and added nothing to the story. Peyton was a pretty kick ass character that I wished they explored more. The character of Chase was interesting to a point because Mancusi showed the other side of being in a world of chaos and what that can do to a person. However, them together was annoying to no end. Their relationship was repetitive and borderline obsessive. The use of the word "goddess" gets old real quick, that's all I'll say.

For being in a zombie infested area, I found the characters made a lot of dumb decisions. I don't know who thinks "Oh hey, I'm tired I probably shouldn't have zombies attack me...Aw, what the hell! It'll be fun." Really Peyton? That's what you're going to do? I hope something bites you IN THE FACE!

I enjoyed the writing to an extent, but it was a lot of story telling than it was showing. Personally, I enjoy the action of a zombie story; I don't want to be told what happens. As a closing, the final chapter made me feel like I wasted my time. The premise of the book is well developed, however these flaws make the story sadly fail.

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