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Bloodraven by P.L. Nunn
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Apr 03, 2012

it was amazing
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I came across this book merely by surfing reviews, jumping from one book to another related. The cover was beautiful, the ratings rather good and some comments -I try not to over spoil myself before even reading the first line of a book- were interesting enough.

I read there were some really gruesome parts in it like the first rape scene, but to be frank, the first time I read the book it wasn't so shocking. I mean, I know it was shocking and disgusting, but it is so much at the beginning of the book that I didn't have any feelings yet for the young man being so horribly mistreated. I need some time -pages- to get a connection with the characters -if the author makes them likeable or at least believable- so yeah, I cringed with it, but it didn't involved friends so it wasn't as near as horrible as the scene close to the end, when Yhalen was closer to my heart and I loved him deeply, just as much as Bloodraven.

The book it's quite long, which I appreciated a huge deal because the details are wonderful. Everything feels alive and real, being the landscapes, the journey, the characters and their feelings. I devoured the first half in a heartbeat and then slowed down a drastically because I was enjoying it too much and I wanted it to last as much as possible. I came to a point where I was re-reading my favourite chapters nonstop instead of reading forward (passages like warming Yhalen up after falling into the river, their meeting in the dungeon, when Yhalen first heals Bloodraven, just to name a few of my favourites). I'm still mourning for the ending and will be for a little longer, because I'm still deeply attached to the characters and feel for they and their long, exhausting journey.

Something I appreciated about Bloodraven and Yhalen was that they weren't 'chosen ones'. Yhalen came from noble lineage, yeah, and that made him a little spoiled and naive at the beginning of the book, but his magic, just like Elvardo's (great, highly amusing and interesting character I wish we could had more information about) doesn't come from being touched by some magical star in heaven but rather from hardship and despair. The fact that both Bloodraven and Yhalen are wary about that magic is another plus.

The chemistry between the characters almost oozes from the book and the way they complement each other is lovely. They never actually declare love to each other, which is kinda bittersweet for the reader, but we're left with a rather sweet flavour at the end. There are still lose ends and I can only cross my fingers for a sequel of some kind because, even after such a long book, I'm sure Bloodraven's world still secrets, magic and conflicts to be told. I want my pack back: Bloodraven, Yhalen and Vorja! (Thanks for not killing her, Nunn, I even loved her)
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message 1: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Was going to review this book then read your comments here and thought..."nah, Tere says it all and I concur absolutely totally and completely"....

I see on PL Nunn's website that the sequel is a graphic novel. Her artwork is amazing but I doubt we'll get the same world-crafting we experienced, with such depth, as we did in this novel.

Tere Yeah, I've seen the preview of the sequel too, but I'm *almost* sure this book also have some comics related, so I still hope Nunn will do both :) book and comic <3

My only fear is the second book -if it ever comes to life- will keep them separated for long (because of the preview shows *sob*), I was so unhappy when they were separated in this book.

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