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The Merchant's Daughter by Melanie Dickerson
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Apr 03, 2012

it was ok

Let me start by saying I love fairy-tale retelling's. Let me also say that I am not religious, however I do not judge and I will quite happily read books with religious views or backgrounds. Lastly, I will say how disappointed I was by this book.

The Merchant's Daughter is a loosely based on Beauty and the Beast, which happens to be my favourite fairy-tale of all time. But even I couldn't love it based on that fact. Annabel's family have put themselves in a "precarious" position in society, and now Annabel has to get them out. She is sent to serve Lord Ranulf, who she falls in love with. Obviously. Although this part of the story wasn't fantastic, I probably wouldn't have minded so much, if I wasn't constantly being slammed with religious views, and basically bashing on the Catholic church. Now as I said, I am not religious, but even for me this seemed very ridiculous.

If you love fairy-tale retelling's and don't mind religious views then I say give it a read. However, if you are religious or sensitive in that regard, I would probably give it a miss.

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