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Apr 02, 2012

liked it
Recommended for: people who like low self-esteem protagonists


3.5 stars

I reeeeally enjoyed this book. It had suspense and magic, and was easy to read. Reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Candymakers.

But I have to say, there were three things I didn’t like (possible spoilers):

1) Throughout the entire book, Rose had these stupid fantasies and just plain STUPID REMARKS about her crush and her.

She’d be like “Oh if we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we’d stand on top of the highest hill and look down at the town with the wind breezing about us” (like that’s romantic) or “I’M NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR HIM TO LIKE ME” or “I wanted to shove Love Muffins down his throat as fast as I can so he’d love me” or “I WANT HIM TO TAKE ME OUT ON A DATE THIS INSTANT!!!” or “He smells like soap and dreams” (who the FRICK smells like DREAMS) or “I’M NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR HIM TO LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

If you asked me, that girl is friggin obSESSED with that guy, whatever his name is, (I think it was D something.) Like hello Rose, here’s a bright idea: Why don’t you actually take action and DO something about it, instead of having these ridiculous daydreams!!!

You know, I actually thought that the guy would have a bigger role later in the book, and that whatever heroic deed he did, him and Rose would actually start to fall in love or whatever. (Cuz ain’t that what befalls almost every other “love-interest” guy in books these days.)

2) Rose is the most low-confidence girl EVER in the history of eternal EVER. She thinks everybody in the whole friggin universe outshines her. Like wtf is wrong with you, do you really think you sink that low? I mean, just because your older brother is Abercrombie & Fitch gorgeous, doesn’t mean you aren’t (maybe you really aren’t, but whatev I just feel like criticizing you.)

And she said she’s not pretty in almost ev-ver-reeeee. dang. chapter. By the time fake-ass Aunt Lily gave her a makeover to make her PRETTY and BEAUTIFUL and GLAMOUROUS and SOMETHING TO LOOK AT, I was already pissed at this girl. And wanted to ring her neck. And shove her head down a toilet. And then chuck her down that stupid hilltop she favours so much.

In short, Rose had serious self-esteem issues.

(Well it’s no wonder her crush, D-something the other, hasn’t paid her much attention, HA!)

3) Aunt Lily. Sweet, beautiful, tall, supermodel Aunt Lily. The woman who waltzed into the Bliss siblings' life after their parents went away on some mission in Florida to cure a sickness. The woman who made Ty and Sage wanna help out in the bakery. The woman who was able to calm Chip’s grouchiness down. The woman who brought the siblings closer together. The woman who was caring and friendly. The woman who outshined Rose by a million miles. The woman who was supposed to have a bigger antagonist role at the end of the book!!!!!!!!!!

Myyyyyyy goodness, I can't express my disappointment enough.

What I HOPED would happen was that Aunt Lily would drop her nicey-nice act and reveal her intentions for wanting the "Bliss Bakery Cook Booke", and her true identity. I HOPED there'd be a big secret bomb-shell. I HOPED her Bliss family ladle-shaped birthmark was fake. I HOPED all the siblings would've united together and take her down or something. I HOPED she'd use dark magic on the Bliss siblings. I HOPED a lot of things.

But nope, what really happened was this:

Aunt Lily: Hey Rose, I'm leaving for New York and I need the Bliss Cook Booke for my tv show, so why don't you let me "borrow" it.

Rose: Uh I'm not sure that's such a good idea...

Aunt Lily: Ok, but just so you know, I outshine you by a million miles, and I think we all know that, so why don't you come along and I can make you shine like the brightest star in the sky.

Rose: omgomgomgigettolookprettyandbeautifulomgomgomg

Aunt Lily: Then it's settled. I'll make a "forgetful" bread for your family to eat. That way they won't remember you, me, and the cookbook.

Rose: ...ok.....

--the next day--

Aunt Lily: Rose I'm gonna have to throw away that picture of your siblings in your hand cuz you have to forget them. -throws pic away-

Rose: *finally has a clear mind* NO. I am not going away with you no more. -throws bag of "forgetful" bread in garbage can- You're a meanie, and even though my family will forget me, I won't be able to ever forget them.

Aunt Lily: Fine, be that way. But I still outshine you by a million miles!! -leaves-with-cook-book-but-it-was-unknown-to-anyone-at-that-time-that-it-was-stolen-and-it-was-only-after-the-parents-came-home-that-everyone-found-out-which-left-Rose-saying-that-she-will-get-it-back-which-then-opened-up-the-possibility-of-a-sequel-


If you were me, you'd probably be disappointed too. I was sooooo ready for a big showdown between the Bliss kids and Aunt Lily, but instead, THAT crap showed up. What the hell was the whole point of making Aunt Lily a dangerously-beautiful antagonist if NOT A CRAP HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE DANG BOOK.

And goodness me, a possible sequel??? I seriously do not think I can stand another 300 or so pages of Rose internally screaming at herself for not being beautiful.

Ok, deeeeep breathe.

I've poured out all my criticism, and now I don't have the energy or enthusiasm to talk about what I actually enjoyed.

-shrugs- Oh well.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

I personally love the book, but this is your comment, and I don't like any of your comments on the book, but this is your choice.

Bookworm007 Anthea wrote: "I personally love the book, but this is your comment, and I don't like any of your comments on the book, but this is your choice."

No one said you had to like my review, that is your choice.
And yes, it was my choice to negatively criticize this book, but that is what users on goodreads are entitled to: the right to openly express their opinions--be it positive or negative--about books they have read.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Sorry, i get a little bit mean when someone writes bad comments on books, but I am deeply sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your review. By the way you are write about Rose thinking stuff that is kind of boring!!!!

BookwormJayde Uh... Anthea's my sister. However, she's extremely boring and is not very opinionated, so... yeah. Freedom of speech and that. I personally haven't read the book yet. You have some grammar mistakes.

message 5: by J. (new) - rated it 3 stars

J. Thanks for writing this review so I wouldn't have to. Ditto- the ending really made me frustrated.

Natalie (weneedhunny) Haha pretty much my thoughts. I'm curious about the things you liked though because I had the same issues as you did but I can't say I saw many redeeming qualities in it.

message 7: by Ela (new) - rated it 4 stars

Ela I'm agree with you. Aunt Lily character is not strong enough to become antagonist, I wish there is a big dark secret about her that make us curious but there wasn't. So .. little bit disappoinment :)

Mary yea... I don't exactly agree with some of your points, but I agree with this statement you made:

"What I HOPED would happen was that Aunt Lily would drop her nicey-nice act and reveal her intentions for wanting the "Bliss Cookery Booke", and her true identity."

message 9: by Laura (new)

Laura Paais @bookworm007: why don't you write your own book? whatever the character is, I think it's up to the writer whether she wanted to build Rose's character like that or the other way around. You should learn how to write a review - I think -.

message 10: by Laurie (new) - added it

Laurie Also the love muffins....theu worked because the two names were chanted as part of Ty giving them to the girls from school shouldn't have had any reaction since their names were not part of recipe.

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